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    Default Ghast's Art Stuff.

    So I have a strong feeling I'm gonna be drawing my DoMO characters (and my friends' characters for that matter) so I figured why not make an art thread.

    To begin with, have some doodles of my new created-on-the-spot-for-a-joke-then-I-ended-up-really-liking-him-oops character Lord (LordoftheDance :l Absolutely no regrets. Zero. None.) Male Sylph who I plan to make a dancer~


    o h.jpg

    More to follow at some point~ ovo
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    More sketcherdoodles~

    A redraw of a DoMO screenshot of Lord, and two of my friends' characters (TheHealest and Twerkules)

    I redesigned Lord's outfit, and on that note he is now a musician as opposed to a dancer due to class availabilities~

    And lastly some chibis of my beta squad B)
    Still missing a Twerk, but I'll get to that later.
    l-r LordoftheDance, TheHealest and Stabilicious.
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