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    In this forum you may submit any bug reports or any issues related to the game that don't feel natural. We really appreciate the effort you put in for helping make Dream of Mirror Online THE best place to be, but before you go submitting everything you can find, you must adhere to a few rules.

    1.) "GM PLZ FIX THE STAIRS" Our GM Team openly jokes about them not working so obviously we're aware of that. It's something the dev's are aware of as well but unfortunately they have several things to attend to before they attempt to fix that. Posting a bug report about it is just asking to have your thread locked and deleted.

    2.) Before you submit a bug report, please refrain from submitting a report that other players have reported to us. It's just more work for us and our mods to see duplicate topics and then having to close them. Do a quick search on a couple of pages before posting to see if anyone else has already reported your issue.

    3.) All posting in this forum must be in a professional manner and any posts in topics that you have not created yourself must relevant and in a mature manner. This is not the forum for casual chit chat or making fun of a bug. All posting being done in this forum (Including necroposting which we will allow) must be relevant and for the sole purpose of helping us understand the issue and fix it.

    4.) Please keep your bug reports clear, concise and not excessive. Our GM's time is very limited so keep it as short as possible.

    5.) While we are VERY appreciative for everyone's hard work in reporting issues with the game, please don't submit reports to us and expect things in return. These reports are to fix issues with the game and make sure that any issues on Domo are minimal.

    6.) The breaking of the general forum rules will be taken very seriously in this particular forum and will result in being banned from the game on top of the privelage to use the forums.

    7.) A GM will post in the thread when they've acknowledged your report and are working towards resolving the issue. Most issues will require action from the developers so please be patient as we announce a fix. It is not up to the GM's to update the thread that it's not fixed yet so don't post asking if it's being dealt with. If it's fixed, we'll close the topic ourselves announcing the solution. Posting in the threads asking for updates may result in an infraction after your first warning.

    8.)Do not create a thread asking for your ticket to be answered. Our GM team are a busy bunch and usually have 5-10 other things to do that are of higher importance than answering support tickets. These get done when they have time. Harassing them about this not only just infuriates them but can result in a temporary ban from the forums.

    9.)Do NOT create a thread asking why you've been banned. Not here, not anywhere! If you're wondering why your account was blocked, politely send them a ticket and they'll provide a response. Creating a thread complaining about being banned just makes things worse including a ban from the forums.

    Good luck everyone, let us go forth and smash bugs with a hammer~
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