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Thread: ID Data has been save please try again later

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    ty very much .

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    its good that your working on it but i heard some say that last time that they had it a server reboot fixed it for them

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    hmm how long does take to do a server roobt anyway.

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    hasn't been fix yet still tryng to get on the game not working tho.

    I belive in u please fix the server I want to play so much T_T.
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    Been trying at least once an hour since servers came back online yesterday. No luck.

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    yeah same hope I get to log in before they go to sleep I not going to like not be able to help my sis and my friends t0 20.

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    More than 25 hours, still bugged...

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    I too am stuck in "ID data is being saved" limbo, and have been since the crash yesterday afternoon. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, repatching, etc all with no change.
    I understand that this is an issue for softstar, and they are unfortunately unavailable.
    Thank you suba staff, and forum moderators for handling the CB issues and the community's "enthusiasm" with professionalism.

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    I'm having the same issue.

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    don't know what to do my account is stuck in that id data error I cant pass it my other account has no problems logging in just do we have to start all over due to the fact our accounts are stuck in the game we can get on for that due to we dc 25 hours ago. I don't want to get banned for lelving another character tho I don't know what to do im so worry right now.

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