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Thread: ID Data has been save please try again later

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    So...should I just abandon all hope of being able to use my main character at all this weekend? That's really depressing if so...

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    how do we know if they working if there not any notice I check facebook fourm just us posted . there one solution but prob gong to make us wait to Monday. d= (.

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    Sent in a ticket last night about this. My boyfriends account ToshuChann isnt able to login either cause of this. Still on-going for us atm.
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    still have this problem since the maintenance ended.
    I have tried logging into the game on 2 different systems both get the ID data error. So I know that re-installing will not work since it isn't a problem with the client o the main system i am using. Plus other people already said that reinstalling didn't work.

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