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Thread: [Guide] How to use weapon & shield stands (House Furniture)

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    Default [Guide] How to use weapon & shield stands (House Furniture)

    1. Transfer the stand/s & equipment you want to display into your house.
    • Open your backpack (Press I)
    • Click "Transfer"
    • On the first drop down select furniture
    • On the second drop down select the house (It's possible to own more than one in the future)
    • Check all the items you want to use as furniture
    • Click "Transfer"

    2. Position the stand/s on the wall

    • Open the House interface (click the House button)
    • Select the item from the furniture list on the left side
    • Click "Place"
    • Drag and Click to desired location

    3. Attach the equipment to the stand

    • Right click the stand to open the Place Weapons interface
    • Select your desired equipment on the list on the left
    • Click "Confirm"

    4. Arrange however you please

    • On the House interface, select the stand from the furniture list on the left
    • Click "Place"
    • Move by dragging the mouse or pressing the arrow keys
    • Rotate by pressing CTRL+Left/Right Arrow Key
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