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Thread: External Guide Links Compilation Thread

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    Default External Guide Links Compilation Thread

    I've attempted to compile a list of useful Domo Websites on which you may find various information or help on various aspects of the game:

    The ever useful Domo Wiki has all kinds of information about the game. An indispensable resource, not much needs to be said about it.
    Domo Wiki

    Frost's forum has a lot of extremely useful references and information that is not available on the Wiki, and the home of his Skill Distributor program, which can be used to plan skill builds. Highly recommended.
    Home | Archives

    I have backups of a lot of the old guides available on my forum, though many of them are extremely outdated (quite a few were written even before the Babel rebalance patch). Technically they are backups of backups, so a few guides may be missing parts which were not backed up the original archiver. There are some newer guides too, though they tend more towards translation help with IC. My Sorcerer guide is on here.
    DoMO Guide Archives

    It's not really a guide, but the same site also has a gallery that shows pics of most of the armor and body costumes available ingame. It has not been updated in a long time, but I do still have screenshots of the missing male armors and a bunch of the missing costume set pics that I never got around to editing (if there is a demand).
    Lotus Goddess' Mirror

    This blog houses various guides, most notably including photo compilations of the faces and hairstyles for every race.
    Domo Addict's Blog

    This site has galleries of armor, costumes, weapons as well as pets, and has side views of most things as well (which my site doesn't have). (In Japanese)

    There are two different Chinese wikis available here with a variety of information. The first one also has a forum, while the second one has a lot of detailed information that's not on the first one, if you can manage to navigate it well enough to find it. (In Chinese)
    飛天歷險(軒轅劍網路版 2) - 巴哈姆特

    This Japanese wiki has some information that is not available on any English sites, such as base damages and related info for many skills, and partial stats for raid bosses. It has full data for some of the physical skill classes, while for other classes it usually only has the base damage for the normal max rank of the skill at level 70. The damage formula information originated from here. (In Japanese)

    Here's a blog by my former guildmaster on IC Domo, it has a lot of seasonal event guides.
    Dream of Mirror Online...not Domo-kun

    There are some other backed up guides here (most of these are also on my forum):
    Dream of Mirrors Online | GuideScroll

    There's probably plenty that I missed, but this is a start. (Armor and Costume Gallery) | (Guide Archives)
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