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Thread: Stray Sheep's Thief Guide for Dreamers (Cat Edition)

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    Default Stray Sheep's Thief Guide for Dreamers (Cat Edition)

    [b]~Stray Sheep's Thief Guide for Dreamers!~ (With cats because they're awesome.)

    0.0 Quick Reference
    1.0 What exactly is a Thief?
    2.0 Pros of Becoming a Thief
    -------2.1 No Experience Required
    -------2.2 Famous (cat) Burglars
    -------2.3 Crime DOES Pay
    3.0 Cons of Being a Thief
    -------3.1 Group LF AoE User
    -------3.2 Hi Thief, meet my friend Mr. Wizard
    -------3.3 Congrats! You’re the Puller
    4.0 How do I become a Thief?
    -End Post One-

    5.0 What Stats do I Increase?
    6.0 Which Skills will pay said Bills
    -------6.1 Close Combat
    -------6.2 Sneak Attack
    -------6.3 Thief Equips
    -------6.4 Sub Jobs
    7.0 The Dagger Bestiary
    8.0 Suggested Leveling Locations
    -------8.1 The Lone Thief
    -------8.2 Partin’ Thieves
    9.0 It’s a Thief’s Life
    -------9.1 The Level 20 Life Quest
    -------9.2 The Level 30 Life Quest
    -------9.3 The Level 40 Life Quest
    -End Post Two-

    Third Post Labeled Reserved For Updates
    ---Special Thanks
    ---Latter FAQ

    1.0 What exactly is a Thief?

    Thieves are the base physical class in Dream of Mirror Online. They are focused not on powerhouse skills, or large scale abilities, but rather the ability to dodge, flee, and trick their enemies. Having no real specialty, they can AoE mobs, fight one on one in parties, or solo. This is one epic class where you have the freedom to do as you like and get away with it too. Your build and skills will not determine the outcome of whether or not your group lives or dies so it's non stressful at that.

    2.0 Pros of Becoming a Thief

    2.1 No Experience Required
    This plays off the title of the Guide or rather the number 098. As a thief you may be wet behind the ears and get away with it without notice. In game people may seem a bit harsh and expect a lot from you in parties on other classes, but a Thief can do their job effectively without any Sub Classes at all. You are not meant to act as a doctor or keep your own health up at all times. You take low amounts of damage thanks to your high evasion and low aggro generation with your skills. You have no dire need for MP Regen from another class since you receive an increasingly impressive one at a very low level.

    Thief is a perfect starting class for anybody new to DoMO since not only do you not require any Subs to play the class starting out, but with personal buffs, regens, a long lasting stun and pilfer it acts as a great sub for nearly every class in game allowing you to get a head start on all of those. Additionally, Thief, in older versions of the game, proved itself to be the irrefutable best sub for physical classes end-game thanks to adding in damage in physical skill rotations.

    A level in Thief is never wasted.

    2.2 Famous (cat) Burglars
    A thief may not seem like much starting out and arguably has one of the poorest Damage Per Second Rates (DPS) a class has to offer, but it has quite the end game potential. With fast skill usage/cool down along with their hard hitting skills and ability to dodge/flee/trick you have a great end game Player vs Player class. You will be the one to watch out for in the Arena.

    2.3 Crime DOES Pay
    The thief skill Pilfer (as well as Pillage) is one of the only means of obtaining Weapon Recipes for Alchemy (DoMOs weapon/armor crafting system). There are exceptions like the Life Quests, City Elder Missions and rare drop events (as was one of the original Phoenix fights), but even considering all those you still have tons of recipes that cannot be obtained without this skill. The price of a recipe depends on its difficulty to Pilfer and the class of weapon. Granted even recipes stolen from the most commonly fought monsters in game will still fetch a pretty shimmer in gold. Considering standard mob drops in a grinding party. You can get around 10k in one hour worth of drops grinding (lower level). With pilfer you have a chance to get an additional 5k each time you use the skill.

    This allows starting (and Veteran) players the ability to craft items for themselves and not turning to others for armor and weapons when you need it the most.

    For a list of what you can steal and where you can steal it here's AKFrost's Pilfer List Guide thingy-Mcbob-er‏:
    Pilfer List | Archives

    3.0 Cons of Being a Thief

    3.1 Group LF AoE User
    Although a Thief has two fast casting and quick recharging AoE skills, you will always be considered a below average AoE user. Whirling Devilish and Swift Swallow Strike have poor damage for the amount of MP expended for use and low damage to even the poorest set up Fencer, Dancer, Shaman and Wizard. I wouldn't recommend putting points into those AoE skills at all.

    Many groups will have a place for you, but you will never be a Massive AoE user (without physical Dancer subs anyways).

    3.2 Hey Thief, Meet my friend Mr. Wizard
    This is not a continuation of 3.1 comparing your AoE skills, but this time your dodge rate. Now every class has some sort of defense to protect themselves. Mercs have massive defense, MAs have high health, BMs can kill you five times before you hit the ground and a Thief has their Evasion. The problem here lies with their Magical Evasion. Although they have the highest (or 2nd highest with certain Dancer builds) you will still find that magical attacks and skilled based on Magical Acc will hit you often. If you ever get rooted to the ground by a Wizard or Shaman, chances are you are not coming out of it alive. You don't want to get "Frost Bite". Get it? 'Cuz the Shaman skill that freezes you is calle- nevermind..

    You may ask, how can they always hit me even with such high evasion! I’ll have to tell you right off the bat, I haven’t a clue. I don’t know the magical formulas that will determine the chance of each certain skill used against you on your Mag.Eva. with their Mag.Acc. rolled against you. What I will tell you is that your Magical Evasion is far from useless and will be your savior many many times.

    3.3 Congrats! You’re the Puller!
    There are few classes suited specifically for pulling and in truth everybody can pull with ease, but people would honestly rather if you did it instead. Now you may ask, “What is a Puller?” Well Pulling is the act of gathering monsters from varying distances and then dragging them back to where your party is camping in order to knock them out in massive numbers all at once. Basically you’re leading the lambs to the slaughter, but the lambs are attempting to kill you along the way. Since you have such high evasion among other things as a Thief, doing such a task is done with ease really.

    4.0 How do I Become a Thief

    The quest to gain the Thief Qualification is pretty darn simple like most other job quests. This one however is particularly long winded unless you already have the ability to fly (Rq lvl15 minimum of one job and complete the Flying Frog King mission). Also, before you attempt this quest have at least 1,000gold that you’re willing to spend for it (because thief NPCs in the mirror world are cheapskates).

    You start your journey in Swan Lake Basin (south end, entering from Eversun South) to the small town Tranquilton. Speak to 'Baby Burglar' and he'll give you a broken key for roughly 260gold (yes.. for a broken key..). Once you have the broken key head to the Mines in Eversun South and speak with the NPC labeled 'Between Burglar' who will give you a new key mold for roughly 300gold (amount will vary). After grabbing the mold head back to Swan Lake Basin (south) to speak to the Locksmith near the Guild Castle/Farm. He'll craft you a new usable key so you can open the Chest. He'll charge you 36gold for the new key(that's.. better?).

    Now take a stroll on over to the 'Big Burglar' in Tranquilton and have a small chit-chat. After that, open the chest next to him. Once gaining the contents, go back to where the Lock Smith near the farm to speak with Bridget Love (that name though).

    Say No to both of her questions (because girls like a little mystery) and she'll give you the thief qualification and a quick port to the dojo in eversun to change.[/quote]

    5.0 What Stats Do I Increase?

    For each level you gain, you’re given 3 Stat points to develop. These are the bonuses you receive for each point in the following stats:

    1 Power = 2.13Attack
    1 Wisdom = 1.73MP + .47Mag. Att. + .33MagDef
    1 Agility =1.40Attack + 1.53Evasion + .27MagEvasion
    1 Dexterity =1Attack + 1.6Acc. + .13MagAtt. + .27MagAcc. +.14Critical
    1 Physique = .33Defense +.13MagDef + 6.27HP
    1 Durability = 1Defense

    Note: All points are rounded down regardless of amount.
    0.85 in one stat will act as 0.0
    1.54 in one stat will act as 1.0

    The main stats you want to add points to are Agility and Dexterity.

    Agility acts as both your Defense/Attack since as it ups your Evasion and Increases your Attack power. Agility also decreases your skill cool down time allowing you to use your skills more frequently than other classes.

    Dexterity is needed more than other classes since your hard hitting skills have low accuracy. This is also in turn with your ability to land Critical attacks with your volley with skills/attacks as well. PvE demands very little Dex however since you’ll have acc buffs thanks to party members so you’re able to cap it at certain amounts.

    Standard Stat Builds are:


    There's more than just that though. There are soft Caps to capitalize your Mini/Maxing potential.
    For DEX the majority of peeps stop at 28.
    For AGI the majority of peeps stop at 103.

    The soft cap for DEX is mainly 28 since all stats are rounded down.
    Critical Chance increases with 7points of Dex and Magical Acc increases with 4points of Dex. 28 is the first number where they merge so you have no real leftover points making it a pretty ideal place to stop.
    I strongly suggest you to get 28 DEX on your Thief no matter what.

    The cap for AGI is a bit different. That cap is in place for your skill cooldowns. The maximum decrease for skillcooldown is 30% from AGI and that's when you hit the 30% cutoff. Anymore past that is just for minor stat gains. Those 2 to 3 points you were putting into AGI up to 103 is better placed into Power.

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    6.0 What Skills will Pay said Bills

    Every time you level up, you’ll gain 3 skill points to advance or learn new skills. This is where I’ll give a brief explanation of what each skill does. I’m also including a rating system based on my own preferences ranging from 1kitty (BAD) to 5Kitties (Must have skill!). Please feel free to disregard it if you wish. Oh and here

    It's a Kitteh Matrix.. it serves no purpose.

    At the end of each description you’ll see a closed bracket. It’ll tell you {Required level to Learn the Skill, Points Needed to Learn/Upgrade, What Skills you’ll need to learn before accessing it}.

    6.1 Close Combat Skill Tree

    1st Page - Super Stab
    Single Target skill with medium damage and one of the best accuracies Thief attacks have to offer. {Req. lvl 10, Given Skill/2points increase, No Prerequisite}

    2nd Page – Stealthy Stab
    Single Target skill with successive attacks and very High damage. However is Low Accuracy and has a high mp cost per use. {Req. lvl 26, 2 points learn/gain, lvl 5 Super Stab Req.}

    1st Page - Swift Swallow Strike
    Physical based AoE attack with low damage, but fast usages and cool down. Medium MP cost per use. {Req. lvl 11, 2points learn/gain, No Prerequisite}

    2nd Page – Whirling Devilish
    Physical based AoE attack that does roughly x1.60 the damage of Swift Swallow Strike at the same skill level at 20second cool down. Medium MP cost per use.
    {Req. lvl 27, 2points learn/gain, lvl 5 Swift Swallow Strike Req.}

    1st Page - Control Breathing
    Instant MP recovery skill that progresses rapidly. Skill cool down increases with each level. It’s Totally Fabulous! {Req. lvl 12, 2points learn/gain, No Prerequisite}

    2nd Page – Rhythm of Life
    Instant HP/MP recovery skill that progresses slowly. Skill cool down increases with each level, however it has less then half the cool down of Control Breathing at any given level.
    {Req. lvl 28, 2points learn/gain, lvl 5 Control Breathing Req.}

    1st Page – Premonition
    Increases attack speed by 1 and Evasion by 8 (+3evasion per level). Poor cool down even with max agility reduction. Useful against Evasion debuff from monsters and the +1.0 attack speed at lvl 1.
    {Req. lvl 11, 2points learn/gain, No Prerequisite}

    2nd Page – Fighting Foresight
    Increases Evasion 10 by and Defense by 12(+2evasion +3defense per skill level). Poor cool down even with max agility reduction and does not stack with Dancer/Doctor defense buffs as well as Premonition. ALSO – the skill has been bugged in the latest update of DoMO. It will occasionally stack with Premonition should Prem be a higher level then Foresight.
    {Req. lvl 27, 2points learn/gain, lvl 5 Premonition Req.}

    1st Page - Throw Knife
    Small Ranged attack that offers little damage. Poor MP consumption and cooldown.
    {Req. lvl 13, 2points learn/gain, No Prerequisite}
    *photo missing* (Anybody actually get this skill? XD)
    2nd Page – Light Hammer Throw
    Small Ranged attack that offers medium damage. Fair MP consumption.
    {Req. lvl 29, 2points learn/gain, lvl 5 Throw Dagger Req.}

    6.2 Sneak Attack Skill Tree

    1st Page – Bolt from Blouse
    Long Ranged attack that offers fair damage. Decent MP consumption and cool down. Requires item ‘Bolt’ to use. {Req. lvl 12, 2points learn/gain, No Prerequisite}

    2nd Page – Veiled Volley
    Long Ranged attack that offers high damage with successive attacks (amount of attacks increases as skill level increases). Has growing Bolt Usage and low Accuracy. Strongly recommend for solo players, PVP fans are people that choose to sub Thief onto other physical classes. This skill on other physical classes greatly increases your skill rotation DPS. {Req. lvl 29, 2points learn/gain, lvl 5 Bolt from Blouse Req.}

    1st Page - Throw Ash
    Single Target Nerf that lowers both physical and magical accuracy of your opponent drastically. It also creates a fog around their screen blocking most of their surroundings leaving a peep hole in the center to work from. Requires Bag of Ash to use.
    {Req. lvl 12, 2points learn/gain, No Prerequisite}

    2nd Page – Shadow Advance
    Cloaks and makes your character invisible to enemies. You become unable to target, but can still take damage from AoE skills. Also increases your next attack action by 500% (gaining 100% more each level) as well as your Accuracy /Magical Accuracy For your hit. Requires dagger to be equipped to use and the first action you take (moving to a different map, using a skill, changing weapons) will uncloak you. {Req. lvl 30, 2points learn/gain, lvl 5 Throw Ash Req.}

    1st Page – Fast Getaway
    Increases movement speed by 20points (+1 per level) for 30seconds. Does not Stack with Speeding Ticket, Fast Getaway, Sneak Attack.
    {Req. lvl 13, 2points learn/gain, No Prerequisite}

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    2nd Page – Run Amok
    Increases movement speed by 20 (+1 per level) for 2minutes +20seconds per each level. Decreases attack speed by 2.0points during skills duration. Does not Stack with Fast Getaway, Speeding Ticket or Sneak Attack. {Req. lvl 30, 2points learn/gain, lvl 5 Fast Getaway Req.}

    1st Page – Hypnosis
    Stuns your enemy making them unable to move, attack or use skills for the duration of the skill. Fast cast and decent recharge. Duration is cut when used against other players. Longest Stun move in game, but any attack/harm done to the person who is stunned and it’ll break (You were waiting for that sheep pun weren't you?).
    {Req. lvl 14, 2points learn/gain, No Prerequisite}

    2nd Page – Play Dead
    Instantly plop on the ground in death like state dropping all agro from monsters on you. By far, one of the most useful skills for an AoE class in game once you reach level 50+ on any class when your party can sustain aggro on the Merc. Will not work on bosses. You can regain health/mp while lying on the ground. {Req. lvl 30, 3points to learn, lvl 5 Hypnosis Req.}

    1st Page – Pilfer
    Allows you to pilfer additional drops and Weapon Recipes from monsters levels 1-10 (gaining 10levels for range each skill level). {Req. lvl 10, Given Skill,2points gain, No Prerequisite}
    *Image Broken* Uploading with next update.
    2nd Page – Pillage
    Secondary pilfer skill with a chance to steal from monsters. Does decent damage, but has high mp cost. Note: You cannot kill the monster with this skill to have a chance to steal. The mob must be left alive after its use.
    {Req. lvl 30, 2points learn/gain, lvl 5 Pilfer Req.}

    6.3 Thief Equips

    Equip Cloth
    This Skill allows you to equip ‘Cloth’ armor on other classes when subbing this Equipment slot. {Req. lvl 30, 15skill points to learn, No Prerequisite}

    Equip Dagger
    This skill allows you to equip a dagger onto another class and allows you to use skills that require a dagger in order to use those as well. {Req. lvl 30, 15skill points to learn, No Prerequisite }

    Dagger Mastery
    This skill increases your proficiency with using a dagger/thief skills on other classes by 5% per skill level. Note This will NOT let you equip a Dagger on other classes without the previous "Equip Dagger" skill.

    6.4 Sub Jobs
    Recommended Sub classes for thieves are fairly numerous and it really depends on what you’d like to do. For attacks/self buffs it’s good to go with:

    Blade Master’s Martyr Attacks (Maniac Attack, Lash Out, Sneak Attack, Berserker Blow)
    Fencer’s Targeted Attacks (Both Defensive Aura’s, Slap on the Wrist, Sinister Strike)
    Hunter’s Hunter Instinct (Ready for Action, Unerring Aim, Go for the Throat)

    Others you see fit from these trees as well.

    For Regens:

    Wizard’s Spellcasting (Cataclysmic Converter, Stalling Chant, and Chant of Liberation)
    Doctor’s Medical Treatment (First Aid, Inner Magic, Regeneration [Reborn Again with equip syringe])
    Shaman's Nature Magic (Malousus Mirror, Spring Cleaning, Heavy Frost, Choking Climber, Heatstroke)

    For Equipment to sub from other classes you can’t go wrong with Equip Shield from Merc, and Equip Light Armor from Blade Master will raise both your damage and defense.
    Heavy Armor Equip was also popular, but cuts ASPD, so solo thieves may want to avoid that. Especially since Merc skillpoints are scarce enough as it is.

    Weapon Equips will also help you along the way.

    Fan equip + Physical Fandango from Dancer is amazing for PvE and will make you desirable to groups.

    7.0 The Dagger Bestiary

    For the stats/possible attack power outcomes please take note from these from gYno’s Weapons Stats Guide back on a previous version of DoMO.
    (Taken with permission). If you are interested in hearing my opinion, you can read the below (Honestly it’s just a useless wall-o-text though).

    Like most physical classes a Thief’s best weapon is an older one that has been upgraded once or twice over a brand new weapon. This is mainly because the bonuses of daggers generally stay the same with few exceptions, so attack takes priority. While this holds true to for later levels, you’ll be switching weapons around between levels 20 to 30.

    When talking about pure physical damage, the level 18 dagger labeled, ‘Dagger’ (Creative huh?) should be the strongest weapon in your arsenal and use that for PvP if you want a damage dealer. However in PvE the level 20 and 23 daggers labeled ‘Hunting Knife’(Earth Damage) and ‘Damp Dagger’(Water Damage) respectively, both have an elemental attack strong against commons mobs.

    So use your Hunting Knife when leveling in Neptune Temple and Damp Dagger in Phoenix Tower (as long as you’re facing element weak mobs).

    You’ll notice that the level 33 dagger ‘Noxious Knife’ has a magical accuracy bonus on it. Grab this dagger as soon as you turn level 33 and ditch your others regardless if they have a better attack or not. Hold onto this one dearly folks, she’s a keeper!
    Since higher level weapons in the game are hard to obtain, I.E. mats to craft level 50 weapons are very difficult to obtain and requires a high level alchemist to attempt to not fail its creation (mats for simply upgrading the level 43 and 40 weapons are the same as well), the every man’s best bet is the 33 dagger for PvP usage upgraded to level 43 and the 38 dagger upgraded to level 48 for PvE (when grinding).

    Finding a level 40 weapon upgraded to level 50 isn’t a very hard task though these days. They drop from Bosses in the 5th quest located in Blacktoa Peaks, Town God Temple, East Sea Plains, Foggy Forest and Canute Canal 2. Mind you, these are difficult instance fights and the drops are distributed everybody in the party. So if one does drop, there is a very good chance it won’t go to you. Weapons past this point should not be in the game as of the moment and correct me if I am wrong, but they could change too. A previous instance of DoMO had two different weapon rewards for finishing the Main Quest Line. First was a nonelemental lvl 60 weapon. Second was a Golden Weapon. Later the lvl 60 could be crafted with an element. Please call me out if I am wrong on this, as I'm going off my memory eight years ago.

    8.0 Suggested Leveling Locations

    8.1 The Lone Thief
    Recommendations by Exomega255 veteran of a previous instance of DoMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by exomega255
    I figure that since no one made a solo area list, I would do so.
    I leveled from 1-40 on thief, all solo cept for a few times being puller. Here are the "prime solo" spots that I have found and loved.
    lvl 10-13: Zombies at townhall basement.[lvl 12] Low hp, low attack, dungeon mobs, what more can you ask for?!
    lvl 14-15: Zombies/Rats at townhall basement.[lvl 12/14] Low hp, low attack, dungeon mobs, what else is new ^^
    lvl 15-20: Spiders at Ferral Crypt lvl 2.[lvl 18] Low hp, wizard class = low attack, slow, don't aggro much, great drops, dungeon mobs, not populated much by players.
    It's "nice" to have shields and LA, but not completely necessary at this point.
    lvl 20-23: Pearly frogs and chests at Canal [lvl 20/21] dunegon mobs, hit a little harder, will aggro, but great exp.
    lvl 24-25: King size eggs and papas at Phx Tower [lvl 22/23]. Dungeon mobs, repeatable quest, hits slightly hard, papa aggros, great exp.
    lvl 26-28: Bonkers at PP or Foxes at Giantwood. [lvl 26]. Repeatable quest for fox (but they hit a little harder), both haev lower hp, but its field mobs, so its slower.
    lvl 28-32: Crimson Globs at Neptune [lvl 29]. Repeatable quest, dungeon mob, easy to kill, low attack power.
    lvl 33-34: Noxi. flies at Grassgreen square [lvl 33]. Easily killed, does have an accuracy de-buff.
    lvl 34-39: Evil eye/Chest at Malachite Cavern [lvl 36/35]. Easy mobs, low hp for dungeon mobs, good drops, low amount of people in there [no KSing!]
    lvl 39-40: Bandit Bow-Wows at Grotto [lvl 39]. Hits real lightly, dungeon mobs, plenty of 2-3 spawns to not overwhelm, repeatable quest.

    10-13 Town Hall Basement - Zombies
    14-16 Town Hall Basement – Grape Globs/Giant Rats
    16-23 Inn Basement – Cask Masters
    20-24 Phoenix Tower (Floor 1) – King Size Kuku Eggs/King Size Kuku Papa
    21-27 Phoenix Tower (Floor 3) – Male Birds of Paradise
    25-30 Neptune Temple – Crimson Globs
    28-34 Neptune Temple – Man Eating Zombies/King Globs
    31-37 Grizzly Garrison – Bandit Thugs/Bandit Chefs
    33-36 Pandora’s Grotto – Bandit Bow-Wows/Spider Specters
    35-43 Pandora’s Grotto – Fugitives/War Wolfs
    42-45 Foggy Forest – Branch Monkeys
    43-48 Foggy Forest – Iron Hedgehogs
    44-52 Town God Temple – Menacing Minotaurs
    52+ …nowhere, yet

    9.0 It’s a Thief’s Life

    9.1 The Level 20 Life Quest
    Head to Darkdale, speak to Fanny Love (X:348 Y:309) and buy the Treasure Map for 1000 gold. Head to Farrell Family Crypt. On the first level at (X:311 Y:156), will be Sticky Fingers, who you must fight. Sticky Fingers is a level 25 thief who uses Bolt from the Blouse, and Ash Spray (which will make things dark, if you get hit by it, in the event that you do, run around to avoid damage). After you finish her, a cut scene will appear.
    • Rewards Thief's Spring
    • 200 Fame
    • Recipe: Hunting Knife
    • 1000 gold. (Technically, you don't get any gold though, because it costs 1000 gold to get the map from Fanny Love.)
    Taken from DomoWiki

    9.2 The Level 30 Life Quest
    Quote Originally Posted by Knives Exiled
    Level 30 Thief LifeQuest

    To begin the level 30 Thief LifeQuest you must go to Collington and speak with Stuart Stamp right outside the bank. You will have to gamble with him and win to find the location of Mr. Penn. It will cost you 200 gold coins for every try you must take before you win (I had to try 3 or 4 times) Once you have won he will tell you that you will find Mr. Penn in Quintuple Manor (you can find the manor off of Grassgreen Square will be on the map). Once you have arrived at the manor speak with the small child in front of the manor, he will tell you that Mr. Penn will only speak with someone who can find and disarm his traps alone. (the small child will NOT be on your map). You must disarm the traps in the correct order.
    Note: The order of which the traps appear are random so the correct order from location isn't the way to tell. However by using the skill pilfer you can tell which you must kill in what order. Pilfering the traps will get you an item which will cut the health of an enemy down by 20k leaving only a tad of health left. The item will have three different markings on it.

    I / I N I W I

    Quote Originally Posted by honglwu
    The /, N, W component is actually a joke*cough*I mean puzzle*cough* that created by some wiz kid*cough*I mean brilliant programmer*cough* in Softstar.=.=;;

    Took me a while to realize:
    / = 1
    N = 2
    W = 3

    So, you destroy traps in order of /, N, W
    Quote Originally Posted by Knives Exiled
    After you have killed the last trap you it will go to a cut scene of you speaking with Mr. Penn and then you have completed the level 30 Thief LifeQuest.

    REWARD - 300 Fame and 1 Thief Spring (5 skill points)

    Taken from Level 30 Lifequest Guide by Knifes Exiled.

    9.3 The Level 40 Life Quest

    Quote Originally Posted by EnigmaRagnarok
    Ok, this is the basic rundown for Thief's Life lvl 40 quest:
    You must kill 5 Giant Rats. (Fire, Metal, Wood, Earth, and Water)

    [I do not take credit for all of this knowledge, so I would like to thank Circa and other people for helping me out. ]

    Ok, so like I said, lvl 40 thief life is pretty simple. Just kill 5 Giant Rats.
    However, their Health Points are about rounded to that of a Mirror Quest Boss. SO I RECOMMEND YOU GET AT LEAST 2 HELPERS WITH THIS QUEST UNLESS YOU'RE READY TO FACE A LONG, ANNOYING BOSS FIGHT.

    DISCLAIMER: These are estimated coordinates, so if anyone has taken the quest and recorded the exact spot those rats are, please share. Thank you very much.
    Copperhorn Rat (Metal) x:272 y: 364
    Placid Plains Rat (Wood) x:360 y:403
    Swan Lake Rat (Water) x:319 y:294
    Blakatoa Rat (Fire) x:343 y:571
    Grassgreen Rat (Earth) x:233 y:422

    After you have defeated all rats, you must talk to O'Shea NOT Gilligan.
    O'Shea is past Gilligan in Collington, on the bamboo mats leading to Emperor Gang's Palace.

    Congratulations! You have just finished your lvl 40 Life quest!
    You will receive the following:

    1 Thief's Spring
    1 Nippy Knife
    1 Nippy Knife Recipe

    I hope this improvised guide helps all you aspiring thieves.
    Taken from the Original Level 40 LQ Guide by EnigmaRagnarok.
    Guide originally written by Persiangato. Edited and posted with his permission by the Chairperson of the Guild "Stray Sheep", Hyde.
    A much thanks to Miradora/Leirosa and Angitia for saving the original copy of the guide.

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    Much thief, such op.
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    Very well made! I loved the kitty matrix * * The guide was comical and easy to follow. Great job~

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    YESSSS the kitty ratings are back! This pretty much guided my thief back on Aeria.

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    light hammer throw does slightly more damage than super stab. faster recharge, MP cost is pretty steep tho.

    usually gets skipped because shadow/veil are way more powerful... and cost less than half the MP. I'd say it's something you'd only consider if the intent is to sub CCTeef onto merc or WD (and want a third burst skill).

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    Nice guide. I like it

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