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    "I lend my aid." - Soraka


    Hello there! If you're interested in Doctor (or realistically, using it as a sub class 'cause pills are virtually useless), you came to the right place. Doctor is one of the two main support jobs in the game, along with Musician. Obviously, Doctor is the healer people would like to count on when needed most. It's popular as a subbed class, because two main skills people want to use, First Aid and Regeneration, do not have any "special" requirements. Some of their skills (and by some I mean the Croakus Pocus skill set) do require Frogs to cast, but Frogs don't burn as quickly as other consumables, such as Scrolls and Iron Arrows. Their natural equipments are Robes and Syringes.

    How to Get?!

    Talk to Dr. Thibalt in the Drugstore of Eversun City. His patient, Sonia, has a dire illness and he needs you to deliver a letter to her. Sonia can be found outside of the way to the Mortuary (right before Zombies appear). She will read the letter, and disregard the cure that Dr. Thibalt has for her. The only way she can be healthy again is by drinking someone's blood. That someone will be YOU. Allow her to drink your blood and she will be healthy. Do note that upon doing this, both your HP and MP will be reduced to 1, so head back to the city immediately with your Revival Portal Penny. Talk to Dr. Thibalt about the situation, and he will give you the Doctor job.

    Medical Treatment

    These skills are primarily focused on healing. Most of them will require Syringes. The ones that don't will be marked with an *.

    Health Heist - Does damage and steals a portion of the HP inflicted. One of your two starting skills. Do not put any points into this; your role as a Doctor is to heal, not to DPS.

    First Aid* - Heals a target. While not available by default, you can still get it for free at level 10, making it your second starter skill. This is your core skill, level it up as much as possible.

    Regeneration* - A heal over time skill that can be used on yourself or another player. At level 11, this will heal a % of the targets HP over time for 30 seconds. Another core skill for Doctors to have. The level 11 one is particularly useful for even quicker healing for people with massive amounts of HP (Martial Artists, I'm looking at you).

    Detox - Cures poison and makes the target immune to poison for a certain amount of time. At level 3, this will affect all party members. This skill is at best situational. Can be helpful for Iron Hedgehog AoE parties, or fighting against Witch Doctors. Otherwise, not really required.

    Born Again - Revives a target and restores a certain amount of EXP lost from death. Another core skill for Doctors to have. However, you don't need to put any extra skill points into it unless you're going for Ultimate Healing.

    Heavy Health Heist - A stronger version of Health Heist, and the health steal can go to all party members. Like Health Heist, not worth it.

    Greater Healing
    - An AoE heal. Another core skill; if you need to heal multiple people at the same time, there you go.

    Inner Magic* - Recovers MP over time. As a Doctor, you must keep your MP up to heal and buff, which becomes increasingly important in later levels. This skill is also by far one of the strongest (if not the strongest) MP regens in the game, so subbing it is fantastic. Too bad the minimum level requirement for subbed Inner Magic can hurt.

    Purify - Removes all buffs and debuffs from the enemy. Only useful for PvP.

    Ultimate Healing - Strongly heals every player within range. I'm not kidding when I say "strongly heals". People dun goofed and lured 2 bosses, 12 mobs, and are about to die in 2 seconds? This skill is there. The range is also pretty large. The fact it heals every player within that range and not just your team makes this skill fun to cast, too. However, due to the extremely long cooldown, this skill should not always be relied upon.

    Croakus Pocus

    These skills use Frogs to cast and are more focused towards buffs. Any skills that don't require Syringes will be marked with an *.

    Frogs' Legs Soup* - The frog variation of First Aid. Unlike First Aid, Frogs' Legs Soup is near-instant cast but with a longer cooldown. Nice if you want an emergency heal.

    Frog Force - Raises attack of yourself or an ally. Not really necessary. Not saying it's bad, but not required unless you're going for Yin Frog. Although, if your team is full of Fan Dancing Dancers, this might help them. If you really want to make this skill good for yourself, get Equip Syringe.

    Frog Forcefield - Raises defense of yourself or an ally. This is going to be a core skill to get.

    Prolong Life* - Raises max HP. Another core skill to have, the extra survivability is huge.

    Soup of Self-Preservation - Makes the enemy fall asleep. Said sleeping target gains defense but loses magic defense. The defense changes are separate from the sleep effects. With that being said, it would an okay set-up skill. If you find yourself soloing more often as a Doctor (wut), this should be considered. If you're going for Mega Medicine, you need this.

    Fantastic Frog's Legs Soup - The frog variation of Greater Healing. So...two AoE emergency heals in this and Ultimate Healing. One could say Ultimate Healing is the true emergency heal, but Fantastic Frog's Legs Soup can be used more frequently. Even then, I can't come up with a legit situation where this skill needs to be used frequently. If it does, your party is doing something wrong.

    Yin Frog - Raises magic attack of the target. Your AoEs in AoE parties will love you if you did decide to get this. Although, if you want to make it more useful for yourself, you're going to need Equip Syringe.

    Yang Frog - Raises magic defense of the target. Once you've reached level 50 and are pretty much grinding on Flying Noisy Snakes all day, this skill can come in handy.

    Mega Magic Boost*
    - Raises max MP. Your mana is important, their mana is important, everyone's mana is important. Get this if you want.

    Mega Medicine - Grants invincibility to a target. The skill effects on each level up are...odd. For every odd level, the duration and cooldown is longer; for every even level, the duration and cooldown is shorter. Not necessary nor even considerable until late/end game.

    Medical Knowledge

    The miscellaneous skills of Doctor.

    Equip Syringe - Enables Syringes to be equipped. Only get this if you plan on using more Doctor skills as your subs.

    Medkit Mastery - Syringe proficiency is increased. Useless unless you have Equip Syringe. Don't even bother with this anyway, as you're probably only using Syringes to buff yourself and/or others.

    Hand of Healing - Healing power is increased by a certain %. Not needed at all.


    Of course, you don't have to follow these recommendations, but these can save you some frustration later on.

    Any magic class can do. That includes Different Dances Dancer and magical Witch Doctors. If you want to go full support, then definitely get Equip Musical Instrument from Musician and go from there (though it might be stressful to keep short songs and your syringe-required buffs/heals up). Physical subs are a no-no.

    Wisdom and Agility will be your main stats--and honestly, the only two stats you should be focusing on. Agility should be capped out at 103.

    Pre-50 Leveling Spots

    10-15: If you're being smart and not leveling Health Heist, you'll find that soloing becomes quite long. Go on Globs and Pearly Tadpoles in the well; neither of them can hurt you much and can provide good exp. Otherwise, go look for someone to buddy up with and level together! Someone's gotta call a Doc, right?

    15-20: You'll most likely be in a Caskmaster party, but I strongly suggest waiting until level 16, the level you are able to get Born Again. That way, if accidents happen, you can revive. If you're still soloing, I'm going to assume you have subs from this point on, so go to Little Eyes in Farrel Family Crypt or Noddy Stones in Placid Plain.

    20-25: You'll be in a Male Bird of Paradise party. If you're on your own, Female Vampire Bats in Canute Canal or Female Birds of Paradise in Phoenix Tower work well.

    25-30: You'll be in a Neptune's Temple (either Crimson Globs or Man-Eating Zombies) party. If you're own your own, whack those globs yourself, or continue on Female Birds of Paradise until level 28.

    30-35: You'll be in a Grizzly Garrison party. If you're on your own, you could try Man-Eating Zombies. If that's too dangerous, try the Ice Zombies in Neptune's Temple.

    35-40: You'll be in a Pandora's Grotto party. If you're on your own and you currently have access, try to find an isolated area for Ghosts in Longstone Woods. If that's too dangerous (since Little Ghosts like to group aggro should you be fighting Ghosts), Aqua and Blazing Ivy Spirits in Bigbeam can work, since they're passive.

    40-50: You'll be in a Foggy Forest party. If you're on your own, look for any relatively safe magic mob around your current level.

    ~Life Quests~

    Life Quests will give you extra fame points, a recipe for your respective job you do it on, a spring that gives you extra skill points for that job, and later on titles and a weapon itself. Here's what you have to do for Doctor:

    Level 20
    Talk to Howard Hughes near Seizer's Palace in Eversun City. He wants Root Ginger, a Vitamin B pill, and an Ancient Florence Fungus. Root Ginger needs to be collected with level 2 Farming, Vitamin B pills can be obtained as quest rewards or very cheaply at the Drugstore, and Ancient Florence Fungus is dropped from the Fiendish Florence on the south side of Swan Lake Basin in the Medicine Monarch Memorial. Once you have everything, deliver them to Howard to receive your rewards.

    Level 30
    Talk to Lord Charleston at the Charleston Manor in Blaktoa. He needs Blue Poison Powder and Deadly Daisy Dust. These can be obtained from the Blighted Blue Butterflies and Deadly Daisies in Grassgreen Square, both of which are located around X: 271 and Y: 268. While both mobs die quickly, they do hit fairly hard, and have an extremely large aggro radius, so use caution. When you gathered enough of them, talk to Lord Charleston again to receive your rewards.

    Level 40
    Note: All level 40 Life Quests quests are generally the same.
    Talk to Dr. Thibalt and he will give you an invitation to be taken to O'Shea in Collington. You will get a Tome of Demonslaying. Next, kill the following in order:

    Giant Metal Rat
    Giant Wood Rat
    Giant Water Rat
    Giant Fire Rat
    Giant Earth Rat

    Each rat has increasing HP, so it will take longer to kill them as you progress. You can bring a party with you if you want. Do note that only the team leader receives credit, so if your team members need the level 40 Life Quest as well, switch team leaders after each rat kill. When you're done, report to O'Shea and receive your rewards.

    ~Team Doccing~
    This special section is dedicated to help you become a better Doctor in AoE parties. Since this will be your main source of leveling until 50, here's some tips to share:

    -Keep your tank and puller buffed, since they will be the ones taking the most damage. Buff everyone with what is necessary before starting out.
    -Make sure everyone stays at full health; this especially means the tank.
    -If someone other than the tank or puller requests to be buffed, feel free to do so, but only if they happen to be taking the tank's aggro frequently.
    -Do NOT go AFK without letting your team know. This also means don't surf the web or play other games; your team should be your focus. If you d/c, tell them that as soon as you log back in.
    -Try not to heal too frequently without Inner Magic up; your MP will eventually burn out. If you find yourself needing to heal more and unable to maintain your MP because of it, tell your puller to ease a little.

    For more about AoE parties, look at Kirbychu's Guide to AoE Parties.


    That wraps up Doctor. Whether you love supporting people or you just want heals and buffs for yourself, this is a job worth investing in. They are an essential part of DoMO life, so appreciate them! Just don't demand heavy medical bills on us, please~
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    Great guide! I look forward to seeing more of these ^-^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superstarstrike View Post
    First Aid* - Heals a target. While not available by default, you can still get it for free at level 10, making it your second starter skill. This is your core skill, level it up as much as possible.
    Do you mean level 1 there?

    Great points to have, I play doc Han Solo style usually (wut), because of time constraint. I found Shaman/Wiz attack skills quite the help since their build are more or less the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthzy View Post
    Do you mean level 1 there?

    Great points to have, I play doc Han Solo style usually (wut), because of time constraint. I found Shaman/Wiz attack skills quite the help since their build are more or less the same.
    No, it means you can get it for 0 SP as a level 10 doctor, for level 1 First aid.

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    Wow even 4 years after the making of this guide, it still helps a lot. I'm lvling my doctor now for the first time to lvl 50 and this guide helped LOTS.

    Thanks ^^
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