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Thread: Eversun Elder and Darkdale Elder Bugs and Title

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agiantnotepad View Post
    In my opinion the fame title should not be rewarded after finishing the 25th elder mission. Why? This eliminates the rewards of getting higher fame. I mean if everyone has the same title it wouldn't feel good will it? Unless you get high just from seeing yourself in the billboard.
    They never implemented the Fame Title NPC on IC Domo, and only released specific fame titles through Eversun Elder and Trader Girl.

    As this is the only way to obtain these titles, if they are removed from Eversun Elder and Trader Girl, then there most likely will simply be no way to get them. You will also be cutting off a method of acquiring titles that you will need badly if you want to make full use of the title collection system. Most likely you won't be using these titles visibly anyways, especially after the Wrong Response Master (+91 P.Atk, +56 M.Atk) and Dance with NPC Master (+63 P.Def, +49 M.Def) titles become available.

    As for the Superhuman title (which now rewards the Thumbs Up emote), to my knowledge this was only sold in the item mall as the top prize in one of their 'Lucky bags', which is honestly a bit cheesy and not something I would like to see here. (Armor and Costume Gallery) | (Guide Archives)
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    Fwaarrrr 91 P.Atk and 56 M.Atk hella op.

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    shinobi has been turning in elder quests every 15 seconds for the last 45 minutes tonight. Not only is it an abuse of the glitch but it creates a monopoly on the top chat screen and the banner across the top.

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    Here's a pic of those people glitching the darkdale elder

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    I can't remember. Was there supposed to be a fix for this bug yesterday? Because I still saw people abusing the exploit yesterday.

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    We can confirm that the eversun elder exploit will be fixed in the next patch and a chat filter will be in place by then.
    quoted from a facebook announcement on March 13th

    Many of us expected the maint to include the aforementioned patch. Turns out it did not. I can't speak for others, but once I learned that the glitch was still there, I finished up the current set of 5 and stopped doing them.

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