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    Suggestions can always help a game move forward, in-fact they help anything move forward.. But here at least we still have rules to consider~

    1: Always be realistic with your suggestions. Can we introduce a swimming mechanic? Nope, not unless you wanna go program for Softstar for free~ Some things are simply not feasible for us to do.

    2: Please don't come in here "suggesting" that someone be banned/un-banned, or that someone has done something wrong - those kind of things belong in tickets. Also don't "suggest" for something to be fixed, because that would go in the bug report forum.

    3: Don't steal other peoples suggestions/ideas, if someone else came up with an idea for an event or something, credit them for it, or let them post it themselves.

    4: No flaming other peoples suggestions. Constructive criticism is fine but when it starts getting to insult flinging we're gonna have a problem. And infractions.

    5: As usual, the normal forum rules apply, ingrain them into your mind!

    To make things easier to understand, we also have a mini-form you can use if you wish:
    Type of suggestion: [item mall/in-game/event/other]
    It would also help if you could put a tag in your suggestions title, eg: [EVENT] or [GAMEPLAY] etc, to make things clearer!

    That's it for now, good luck with your suggestions everyone!
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