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Thread: Mileage Shop Suggestions

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    perma white/gold/bubblegum/black conts for all gears at a high MP price, and mad clues also

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelothanatos View Post
    perma white/gold/bubblegum/black conts for all gears at a high MP price, and mad clues also
    What about fixing other stuff first? Making slot contours that where paid for with real credits refunded! Or atleast make them worth buying/having and most importantly worth upgrading for credits would be a great start.

    next id suggest people who have the iq level to actually support players that send in a support ticket so they dont have to wait months for a reply or end in dissapointment since they have no clue on the issue that has been sent in.

    But most of all why in the world are you people planning to add stuff in the game and leave the rest thats totally useless or pointless like it is now?! Oh yea did i mention hyper protects are broken and not worth buying? Well then i just did

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xjmas View Post
    25% chance card is the only thing i could agree on being in there but at a high price. I would also suggest Mad clues and Contour capsules if possible.
    I can agree on the clues, not so much the contours. They're cosmetic, and they provide a revenue stream. This place is currently alive by Space-Cowboy-descendant standards, and I'd like to see it stay that way for as long as possible. Mad Clues gives you Insanity Edrills, and I'd figure out how to make use of the Mileage shop to get access to a set. Some event contours are in there I see, but, I'd not put anything other then event stuff in there.

    Some ideas:
    gear inventory slot expansion (it's a premium thing, but I don't imagine it's a big seller, so not quite as damaging to loose some sales on. For the hoarder, it's pretty handy though)
    That Chocolate stuff that we got bunches of in the recent event that drew me here.
    Subacapsules if they're not already on there. (I looked, they're not. I'd burn my 1,000mp on one or two more, I've gotten some good stuff outta these!)
    itemcapsules To give the high-level people something, as last I recall those where level-based, no premium drops on them either iirc.
    Fixes, normal, and super a maybe.

    I'm going on the assumption that it's gameplay-time based. You want it to be valuable enough for the player to feel rewarded for the effort, but not so valuable that people are encouraged not to fund the light bill. Or do downright nefarious things.

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    Mad clues or Inasnity Edrills! Thats it!

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    Been a while since this ticket has been updated. Is it possible we can see some changes in mileage soon? Even some simple additions would be nice including:

    25% chance cards
    Mission Master Rewards (Master's Encouragement, Metal of Honor, Metal of Valor)
    Different trails

    (I only say mission master rewards because there are so few people actually needing help with low level missions these days. Alternatively we could have these rewards from another source like Arena HH wins )
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    100% wings
    Cheap B - C - D sp kits
    25% cards
    Ammunition box
    Countour caps

    And if you dont make the price of them to high
    It will more look like a bonus then just some stealths
    so that we have like a legit bonus if you buy 100k creds , you should be able to buy something extra
    just because , countour caps , ammo boxes , SP kits , and wings dont give a bonus in killing others
    It just makes gathering these a little cheaper and easier

    I am a paying player
    But i dont want it if cred use makes a different just by using them.
    I dont want to be stronger then others by creds

    so charms etc is not a good bonus if you ask me
    Legend protects or eprots you should farm wps for like everyone
    and gambles or OP weps out of the normal weps we use is not an option for me

    I hate pay to win
    Make it pay for profit like easier grind etc is much more fair to others

    I hope this information is helpfull
    Best regards

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    Bring back the Sweet Sprint to the Mileage shop pls and other Event weapons (maybe stronger version of them, since getting lv 100 so easy now).

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    I'd totally go with the idea to put Contour Caps in, also i like the idea of putting Mad Clues in there.

    And yeah, Leg-Prots... actually it would be something useless a lot of people would spend their milagepoints on xD

    Maybe we could think about something like weapon- or enginecaps...

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    why are we expecting an update if they couldn't even update the yearly mark there, I think there's only 2013 mark there..

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    How about partial restat cards, tradeable ones would be good but nontradable would still be handy
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