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    Default Tier 4 & Spirit

    Hi guys, returning mech player.

    What do people use their EP for between level 60-80? Guessing the bonus Abs skill, seeing as sphere seems weak and golem dies too fast eventually/abundance of mirotics.

    Also, what do people take spirit to nowadays? 64 for murky or devines now?

    Thanks in advance!

    (If anyone 7x wanna party hit me up ig: YndiHalda)

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    since noone has answered, I haven't played mech in a long time but you definitely want ES and PA/MA maxed. then go for dmg.. t5 you want your party dmg skill for sure. 64 spir is more than enough for KA + vr's. personally back when I played my mech I was full tank build with 0 spir and using rounds but I don't think that will be as good now with VR's/KA's way more easy to obtain!
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    Talk to Rain_Star if you want the real low down, he's a really nice/helpful player and high lvl mech!
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    Thanks star. I will try ask him yeah.. I hear mixed things.

    I hear most mechs don't go full MA and PA these days(?).. ES is always useful though yeah. Especially if the bug still works for 2h.

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    I would need to load my Mech to see exactly what my build is now. I am going to go from memory as I am at work right now, and not working.

    I went to 64 SPR for Murky Build seeing as I went to TA and DSR's. Sort of wish I had my KA/VRs back now so I could go back to Trans Build (56 spr) seeing as I always use Vamp Cuspid and Mana Rechargers. The Recharge from TA/DSR is really not applicable for me now at 12X lvl. I also went to DSR for the added 2 abs, but I also now always use Vamp Armor, and the extra 2 ABS I get from DSR's I doubt it is that noticeable. Granted, going back to VR's/KA, I am not sure how much damage I will gain by adding the 8 Points back into STR from Spirit.

    As for Build at my lvl 12X.

    Extreme Shield Maxed (because I had nothing else to put the points into). I still have like 3 SP left to spend that I have not decided where to put yet. Likely will go to Maximize, especially if it ever stacks in the future. Or I can put them into Spark Shield, and maybe increase my Damage per minute slightly with the added sparks. Also, might look cool.

    - But I find myself always using Extreme Shield, as it does seem to add some extra block even when you switch back to 2 handed. Not as much block as I would like, but it has saved my life a few times.

    I no longer use Maximize as you can't use PA/MA with it anymore and the damage increase is only on your weapon. Not your entire Damage formula, so the damage increase is not very great for all the loss in ABS/Defence (if Defence works lol).

    So, Max PA/MA for best tankability, especially as you will likely use a 2 handed weapon for Maximum Damage for faster leveling.
    Obviously Max MWM and Grand Smash as GS is pretty much the only skill you will (should) use.

    For Tier 4/5.

    Rolling Smash - Maximize as soon as you can.
    - Use it after every 4 Grand Smash. Use this skill as much as you can as it's damage is AWESOME!!!

    PE - Maximize as soon as you can, your party with love you very much if you have PE 10.
    Once you have PE and Rolling Smash maxed, then you can add Hyper Sonic to level 5. I find 5 to be the best bang for your buck.
    I went to 10 once on HS, and I liked how long the skill lasted, however, it was not much of an increase in speed from level 5 to make it worth it.
    - Problem is, you are casting it twice to every other skill. Casting takes time which can be annoying.

    The other reason I went HS to only level 5, is everyone who parties me, asks me to use Completion. They all assume I like tanking I guess.
    With HS 5, I was able to get Completion to level 7 now at lvl 12X.

    I think this covers it all.

    Spr, to Perf Trans/Murky Build.
    Trans if you use KA/VRS. (56 spr)
    Murky if you use TA/DSR's. (64 Spr) - Expect to spend about 50kk if you want a perf Murky.

    Health Base (you can add points here if you like to tank more and use less RB's.)
    - The more points you add into Health though the less damage per second you will do causing you to level slower.
    - I prefer to kill as fast as I can...but I do die a lot!

    Agility: Only to suit your gear
    Talent: Only to suit your gear

    Strength: The rest of your points! This is where you get your damage from.
    The higher the STR, the more HP you get and ability to carry more in your storage.
    We need to be able to carry lots of HP Pots and Stamina Pots!

    I think that covers everything. To me, this is the best build for all around balanced Mech.
    - I've switched to Maximize a couple times this past year, but I always find myself going back to PA/MA Build.
    - I die enough with PA/MA maxed. Using Maximize, I died a heck of a lot more.

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    Thanks Rainstar, really helpful info! Long way from your level though lol (and those higher tier items).
    Been away so long had to look up what DSR was

    I will put off the 80 reset for a bit and think about what I want, never been to high level maps beyond the eura ice place so I dont know what is important.

    I will remember your advice though for the future ;D

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