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Thread: *IMPORTANT* - Version 9 Exploit - We'd like your input!

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    I see option 2 as the most satisfying for both low levels and high levels. Option 1 and 3 should not even be suggested as it creates more problems than before.

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    I'll vote for option #2 for reasons I previously stated in another thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by AlehLH View Post
    Mixed Option:

    - Increase the buying cost of just high level materials from the NPC; this will be a gold sink for the rich players.
    - Significantly decrease the selling price (more than just 70% - as an example, they sell for less than 9k gold on other servers of LH) of these materials that drop from Lv. 75+ monsters; this will put an end to the economy being flooded by massive amounts of new gold.
    The combination of these two points will not only prevent people from doing the previous exploit of crafting materials to later re-sell at higher price, but will also make it useless to farm materials to get huge quantities of gold, evening out a bit the difference between new players and old players.
    I like Aleh-nii's idea too.

    Edit: For some reason I feel someone is using alt accounts to vote here. I might be wrong but yeah, just a feeling.
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    Honestly I'd pick Option 2
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    Option #2 is the best way to go then. I'll also take Aleh's suggestion into consideration of increasing the purchase costs of some of the high level materials but this may not alleviate the situation much but at least it's a step in the right direction. Thank you so much for your input, guys!

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