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Thread: *IMPORTANT* - Version 9 Exploit - We'd like your input!

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    Default *IMPORTANT* - Version 9 Exploit - We'd like your input!

    We're working as fast as we can to fix the situation where players have been farming millions and millions of gold due to the accessibility of rare materials that sell for a fortune such as the galaxy materials.

    Before we just go ahead and do things, we'd like your input as to which option do you guys think would be best:

    OPTION 1: Remove the materials NPC altogether and players can only obtain materials via farming. While this puts an end to certain gold exploits from occurring it doesn't stop players from farming very high priced materials

    OPTION 2: I've made a list of 52 materials that and have proposed selling price rollbacks on them. For the lesser priced items such as Eternal Leather and tranquil crystal, they'll be rolled back by about 15-20% while materials such as the Galaxy materials will receive a 60-70% sell price rollback.

    OPTION 3: Not only do we remove the materials NPC but instead of rolling back the selling prices of the materials I listed, we also lower the selling price of the highest priced materials that sell for more than 100k gold.

    Instead of doing a data rollback and players losing EVERYTHING we also hope players would be willing to dispose of gold that was heavily farmed from the drops that version 9 has been giving. We won't be punishing any players for this except those who continue to farm them despite our warning saying not to do it anymore.

    The fate of the game is not just in the GMs and Playcoo's hands, it's also in the players. Let's work together to fix this, get past this together and look forward to hopefully a brighter future in Lucent Heart!

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    Option 2.

    We do not currently have enough content in our game to be able to have things readily available for high levels to do. This leads to lower level gear crafting and lower level rare item hunting to be a hobby of high levels, by removing the crafting NPCs from the game, it would put new players at a MASSIVE disadvantage compared to the multiple max level characters that have reached where they are now over the course of a year+ with the help of a material merchant. This game already has alot of things that are offputting to new players, making building on the establishes playerbase difficult, this would just be another, and act as an impracticality to veteran players.

    Also, you use the term exploit very loosely. When you accuse someone of 'exploiting' you are antagonizing them and implying that they are taking advantage of something they know is wrong. When players were crafting materials into other materials and selling them, that was taking advantage of an oversight in the system put in place. Farming mobs for materials to sell to a NPC isn't an exploit, it's simply farming mobs to sell materials to a NPC, it's not a player's fault for doing this. When you release a new version that you have been saying you have been testing for months, a player should be excited for the changes, not worried about how many bugs and missed details they are going to stumble on.
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    option 1 or 3

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    just reduce the price whn u sell materials to npc, thats all =/

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    Option 2 seems to be the most fair. 1 & 3 could completely destroy what little of a community we have left, it also would make attracting new players very difficult. Lucent Heart is a wonderful and loved game, I hope to see it become a little bit more happy soon.

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    Pretty interesting. I would like to see if anyone is willing to dispose the golds that they so "exploited" from farming. My opinion of them would change if they did.

    I would go for neither of these options and puts these maps off-limits until the translations and mats are corrected.

    But if I had to choose, option number 2 (But I would like it increased.)

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    I'm not agreed with rollback, since are not players fault about that bad programming, nevertheless i agreed with a gold rollback after the GM warning in FaceBook,so in that day and above those players that avoided the warning must have the rollback, if they continued farming.

    In main solution, the only one is reduce the price of mats, so option 1 or 3.

    Note: Rollbacks is extremely only in dangerous cases such as subjects about Hacking/Hackers and this game hasn't have those.
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    Option one should not even be a proposed solution.

    Option one does nothing to solve the issue at hand. By simply removing the NPC material you are saying "If you are level 75 or over, you can farm in Hades and make 100 million gold an hour while everyone else can pray to make a fraction of that." This makes any gold earning strategies pre-75 useless, and makes leaves low levels without any possibility of making a relevant amount of money in the player-driven market without selling SP. the gold 'exploit' of crafting items into other items and selling them is about half as fast as farming Hades, albeit easier to do because you can do it away from the computer, a person could farm Hades for an hour and make what the 'exploit' could make in three hours. This also makes level 75+s free to dictate the prices of everything in the market, including the low level materials that would have to be farmed as a part of this solution.

    Solution one basically makes it so buying and selling from other players is accessible at level 75 or when you buy SP.
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    Option 2, change sell price of all materials lvl 15 by 70%

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    Mixed Option:

    - Increase the buying cost of just high level materials from the NPC; this will be a gold sink for the rich players.
    - Significantly decrease the selling price (more than just 70% - as an example, they sell for less than 9k gold on other servers of LH) of these materials that drop from Lv. 75+ monsters; this will put an end to the economy being flooded by massive amounts of new gold.
    The combination of these two points will not only prevent people from doing the previous exploit of crafting materials to later re-sell at higher price, but will also make it useless to farm materials to get huge quantities of gold, evening out a bit the difference between new players and old players.
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