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Thread: Zep's domo accountant (free dl)

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    Post Zep's domo accountant (free dl)

    (Name change later)

    Here to make your merchant business in-game grow!

    Make your calculations with ease, and never waste a dime again!

    Clients can now order from you, get a time and price, without any hassle.



    - Possible output with money in hand (CALCULATOR)
    - Order price and profit with adjustable sell prices (CALCULATOR)
    - Time it takes to farm X amount
    - Goes all the way to lvl 7 resource gathering
    - Can be used across all resources

    - Location of resources
    - Positioning guide for lvl of resource
    - Failure chance included in calculations
    - Client DB (for remembering clients and past purchases)

    DOWNLOAD in the attachments and includes:
    - .ODS (for open office)
    - .XLS (for MS office)

    If you have any requests for features or ideas for the Accountant please let me know in the thread.
    More "helpers" are planned, so stay tuned!
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    Good effort.

    Do you have the location of places with 5% tax?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiaoming001 View Post
    Good effort.

    Do you have the location of places with 5% tax?
    I will add it to the list of to do's! Thanks for using the accountant! I hope its helping.

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