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Thread: New G36 Idea

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    Lightbulb New G36 Idea

    This is my Idea for a New G36 because this game have only 4 G36 (2 reskins and 2 originals)
    This is a g36 with dual barrel and a Green Look its like the dualbarreled Justice but with more ammo and more stable
    and littlebit more damage (and u can zoom)
    Maybe a 6-7 star gun and with a Suba Logo D: i was not good enough to put it inside the picture xD
    and maybe 30% damage against Boss Enemys (AI)

    And bring the Tank mode back i playd it yesterday xD
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    fullje4dga1o3r.png auf
    this suit my brother wish for mat lagacy or mat :3

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