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Thread: Dream of Mirror Online: In-game rules!

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    And here we have it, the Dream of Mirror Online in-game rules for you to enjoy reading! Well, probably not enjoy...
    But it's important that you at least have a look, as ignorance of the rules will not exclude you from them.

    1) Be nice to everyone - Don't flame, insult, swear, harshly troll, or post things of an explicit nature, it wont be tolerated and you can expect to be reported. Filter bypassing is also unacceptable, it's there for a reason. Not everyone wants to read those kinds of things. If you wish to swear that much just turn your own filter off.

    2) No offensive names - If you have a name that you think will be inappropriate then don't use it. Needless to say characters with names deemed inappropriate, offensive, or just plain bad language will be deleted so you're generally safer not doing it, unless you like losing all your stuff! This also applies to guild names, bad guild name - no guild.

    3) English only in broadcast/trade please - I know there are people who can speak many different languages on Domo, but the bottom line is Suba Games is an English speaking company that cannot enforce rulebreaking like harassment or swearing in a language they don't even know. Team and Guild are fine as long as the rest of your team/guild is happy about it, general is ok as long as you don't linger around/follow people who ask you to stop, and whisper is fine as long as you're whispering someone who is fine with it.

    4) Multiple accounts - You can have up to three accounts online at the same time, as long as the accounts don't do the same thing at the same time. For example account A can be fighting while account B has a stall open, but they can't both be doing the same activity. You can trade items/money between accounts, you can use your alt for autoloot, and you can use your alt accounts for team elder quests - as long as you follow the three online rule and don't use them both to farm materials etc.

    5) Botting/Macroing - No. Just no. If you see anyone looking like they've got a bot or macro, try whisper testing them. Maybe even throw a question at them to make sure they give you a legitimate human answer. If they don't reply and you're sure they're a bot, please try and get as much evidence as possible - a video is best - and send it in to us via a ticket! We take reports like this very seriously.

    6) Gold Buying/Real Money Trading - Again, no. Just no. It is against the rules 10000% to buy in-game gold or items from any off-site sources, or sell any in-game gold or items for real money. Anyone found to be doing something like this will be banned, no ifs, no buts, no coconuts. Those gold sites are your own risk anyway, as a lot of them will simply be using them to get your credit card details - have fun with that!

    7) Chat spamming - There's no need to post more than one line of the same thing in a row - lets face it, posting LF MUSE once or three times are both going to yield the same result, so why clutter everything else up? Also make sure you use the correct channel - trades in trade channel etc.

    8) Invite/request spamming - If someone rejects your trade, guild, friend, duel or team invite, that probably means that unless they say otherwise, they do not want to do it. Don't keep spamming the requests on them or you could be reported.

    9) No kill stealing other people - Obviously sometimes it's an accident, like for example if a pet muse already clicks on something the pet will go nuts and attack and you could accidentally KS - just apologize and move on with life! But kill stealing on purpose or to harass another player is a strict no. Also don't go around pilfering other peoples monsters if they're trying to pilfer them themselves, simply ask first if they're ok with it.

    10) VIP areas etc - If too many people/teams are already there fighting monsters and it's too crowded you'll probably have to wait until there is more space. NO mob dropping on anyone just to try and remove them, NO harassing them to move or spamming duel requests. However if there IS enough room in a VIP or any leveling area for more people and more arrive, please don't just be greedy and pull all the mobs anyway, it is a social MMO after-all! If there's plenty of space and enough mobs, let them in.
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