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Thread: Leveling Job Skills?

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    Default Leveling Job Skills?

    Does leveling up a job's skill increase the damage it deals? Because unlike some other games, it seems here that it doesnt show if it increases damage but it does show that it needs more MP to use it.....
    I hope this question isnt too broad? or something, and if someone could answer this, It'll be really helpful not only to me but to other players along the way.

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    my answer will be simply yes it does...

    but to go in to the detail you can try for example using shaman

    for example if you use level 1 ides of march and it deals 100

    level 2 ides of march should deal around 120-130

    I don't really remember the scale for it to be honest so you can give it a try by leveling down your skill and trying it on the mobs

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    oh I see, thanks for the reply xD
    I wanted to ask on forums because I didn't want to lv the wrong skills and end up buying a reset for it.

    If anyone else has an answer or can add on to this it'll be very helpful. Thanks o/

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    this site will help you about skill cap damage (yes skill have cap damage)

    There is a damage formula guide in the site
    for translated version can use AKFrost Archives (lot of usefull info)
    Damage Formula | Archives

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    It depends on the skill really. Sometimes you want to stop at certain levels for certain reasons, for example when you need to get points to get another skill (Fencer aoes for example).
    Lower level skills do less damage and in general have a lower damage cap compared to the same skill at a higher level.

    If you level a skill higher than you need you can still use a lower version of the skill in the Ctrl X menu, or by selecting the skill before a target and using the scroll wheel to change the skill's level.

    If you feel you've messed up your skills you can redistribute them if you're 15 or under for free Naturally-Gifted Man, or by using an item mall item after Reskill. Same for stat points Restat.

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