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Thread: Problem with divorce

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    Exclamation Problem with divorce

    so I tried to divorce with my partner but he quits domo so he cant online

    i read at wikia about the solution :

    "To divorce or de-register your rings, form a team of two with your partner and talk to the Divorce Registrar at X:301 Y:322 in Collington. Your lover relationship will be down to 5. If your partner no longer plays Domo, and they can not make it to the Divorce Registrar, you can still remove them. Simply remove them from your friends list, talk to the Divorce Registrar and she will remove your ring from your inventory."

    already did that but still cant divorce, any idea?

    please help already sent a ticket but still no respond :<

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    Last time I did it, I was in a party with another person I wanted to marry.

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    All i know is that with partner next to you, you do get to keep your ring (in Gametribe we did atleast).
    So maybe wiki is wrong on that part?
    I have no idea if and how you might be able to test it cheaply (getting married again ofc is the expensive way to find out).

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    First blacklist ur partner and remove on friendlist.. talk with npc..choose de register ring and u can divorce him

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    My wife and I are getting divorced at the end of this month. So far I feel very depressed but I hope that soon I will feel better. Now I watch movies about breakups that I find out about on or listen to sad love songs. I don't have the energy to even get to work, so I took a vacation. I know that my wife is also having a hard time, but it was a conscious decision and we both understand that we can no longer be together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidzdravjU02l View Post
    My wife and I are getting divorced at the end of this month.
    Sorry to hear that. But yeah, you're right, adult personals can help you to wind down a bit and find someone new. Good luck with that!

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    It's better not to get divorced at all!

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