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Thread: EPT Rebalance! What's your new Knight's Build?

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    Default EPT Rebalance! What's your new Knight's Build?

    If this is true? What's the perfect build for our Knights? Specifically 10x above! Let's share our thoughts fellow Knights!

    -IGN: MacMeister
    IGN: MacMeister [Knight]

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    Knight has a lot more room to make different builds compare to some other classes. The following is my preferred build for lvl104 knight. The build is based on a few skill balance assumptions, training/farming/hunting preferences, and the fact that I do not use cash shop items.

    Before I list which skills I want to max and where I want to allocate skill points, let's talk about the skill balance patch assumptions. GM-Howl mentioned in one of the forum thread that the upcoming skill balance patch will include all the past skill balance patches. Therefore, I assume Saint Blade will have no delay, shorter animation, two hits instead of one hit, and 365% attack power boost when maxed (I am not sure what happened to the separate attack power boost for undeads). If Saint Blade doesn't get updated as I just stated, I would have to lose Brandish and max Grand Cross for Tier 1 - 3 skills and lose Saint Blade and Max Godly Shield or God Bless from the below skill list. Also, according to the patch note, knights will be able to use holy body or drastic spirit with holy valor. However, according to the KPT players, there is a bug, which allows them to use all three mentioned skill at the same time.

    My preferred training location is LOC, farming location is i2, and boss to hunt is Valento.

    Finally, I do not use cash shop items such as mana recharge and vampiric cuspid.


    Tier 1 to 3:

    Brandish lvl10
    Holy Body lvl10
    Holy Valor lvl10
    Drastic Spirit lvl10
    Sword Mastery lvl5

    The reason I leave Sword Mastery at lvl5 rather than maxing it out first is that I only get 11-14 total attack power benefit compare to lvl10 Sword Mastery. I feel that using 5 skills points for about 11-14 additional attack power to the total attack power is not worth maxing it first.

    Tier 4:


    Tier 5:

    Saint Blade lvl10 (or as high as level restriction allows)
    Holy Benedic lvl7 (or as high as level restriction allows)

    Stat Points

    Because I do not use mana recharge, I prefer spirit build. I use mana down from scratch card, however.

    I use Bellum (spirit 119). Compare to strength build with murky (spirit 71), I lose about 27-35 attack power, about 1-2 abs, some life, and weights. With strength build, I have 396 mana pool. With spirit build, I have 526.

    I don't care much about losing some attack power, abs, life, because I mainly train in LOC where holy body, drastic spirit, holy valor, holy benedic, and saint blade will be more than enough for me to train there comfortably. A bit more attack power, life, and abs won't make a much difference, but the size of mana pool will to me, because with strength build, I won't be able to kill a mob without having to use a mana pot. Maybe Saint Blade will change that and I could go back to strength build. Anyway, this really comes down to your preference.

    Attack Rating: 1258
    Attack Power: 357-461
    Defense: 1723
    Absorb: 116
    Speed: 6

    Strength: 413
    Talent: 98
    Agility: 70
    Health: 24

    If Saint Blade doesn't get updated as I mentioned in the beginning...meaning the skill has delay, only one hit instead of two hits....

    Tier 1 - 3
    Grand Cross lvl10
    Holy Body lvl10
    Holy Valor lvl10
    Drastic Spirit lvl10
    Sword Mastery lvl5

    Tier 4
    Godly Shield or God BLess lvl10

    Tier 5
    Holy Benedic lvl7

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    From the little I've read on BPT forums, Saint Blade will receive 100% attack rating from GC, so even if Saint Blade really becomes spammable I would probably keep GC leveled up. In which case I would go for the following skills (at lvl 112):
    Sword Mastery, Grand Cross, Holy valor, Drastic Spirit, Divine Shield 9. Essentially sacrificing Brandish for Drastic spirit.
    Elite points I would place in Godly Shield, Saint Blade (once again, assuming it's spammable) and the remaining points in Holy Benedict.

    Short explanation for why I wouldn't prioritize brandish, Holy benedict or holy body:
    -At my level I rarely need AOE, so brandish isn't really a priority there.
    -90% of my killing time already goes to killing non-undeads, so investing skill points to kill those 10% undeads faster isn't worth it IMO, when I could be investing points into dealing with the bigger problem that are most other monsters types (essentially making Saint Blade's super high damage better than holy benedict for me).
    -Knights have an amazing defensive skill in Godly Shield. The new drastic spirit (and possibly a better HP formula) would synergize incredibly nicely with it, so I wouldn't be willing to give up Godly Shield in trade for the higher undead damage from Holy Benedict.
    -I usually focus undeads down pretty quickly, so I wouldn't really be tanking that many undeads to make use of holy body.

    This is all just guessing though, who knows what things will look like when the patch actually arrives.  91457

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    but you need holy benedict to be my buff slave, markus. =|

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolwen View Post
    but you need holy benedict to be my buff slave, markus. =|
    Well, if I ever manage to finish the new quests and get +5 EP, I can have holy benedict 7 even maxing it out 3rd. That's still like 55% bonus damage D:  91457

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    first one is not a problem, its only valento and a bunch of nub mobs. now the other one sucks. you gotta get some mage to help you. yaniv helped me finish it really quick, perhaps ask him?

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    You can message me in game as well. As long as you camp the spawn, I can come running near boss time as well if I am not busy in a party.
    Takes 10-15 mins for Tulla and Draxos.

    Just figure out Boss time, and get the spawn and message me. Nothing I hate worse than showing up for boss and sitting for 30-40 mins. Yeah, I get bored fast these days haha

    Oh, and it is better for us both if you line up a prs for VL as well. I can bring my prs, but running 2 toons to the spawns isn't always fun, especially if I am cutting it close to Boss Time. haha
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    Oh wow cool, I'll keep that in mind!  91457

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    You're not allowed to finish 110 quest before me!!!!!

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    can anyone help me do my quests.
    Resting in peace

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