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    Default Multi-clienting rules

    Everytime we get a ban appeal about this it's always the same old story. It's either a whole family playing together (Father, brother, sister, family dog, etc.) on different computers, or 10 friends playing in an internet cafe who eerily have similar playing styles and movement patterns. Claims like these cannot be backed up with sufficient evidence, therefore players will have to wait out their ban sentence, as their ban appeals will be denied on sight.

    So now you've read the big red text, it's time to go over the rules of multi-clienting:

    You can have up to three accounts online at the same time.
    You can have more than three accounts, as long as you follow the above rule.
    You can use all accounts for different things, like one in a stall and another leveling/gathering/etc.
    You can use those accounts and more to help with elder team missions.

    You can't have more than three accounts online at the same time, with the exception of elders.
    You can't use multiple accounts for the same thing, ie using your main to level your alt, or having more than one stall/gatherer up.
    (with the exception of the above elder rule)

    Anyone found to be breaking these rules WILL be banned. No cuts, no buts, no coconuts.
    Especially no coconuts.
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