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Thread: Tips on Earning Gold for New Players

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    Default Tips on Earning Gold for New Players

    1) Learn your currencies! If you can't load SP to sell, other than gold there are Race Points (min. Lv20 if I remember correctly and must have a permanent mount, which you can get a Warg for 5,000 gold at level 10 I think?) , Dance Points, and Knowledge Master Points (min. Lv20 and starts at 10AM and 6PM Server time daily). To know how much you have, press C or the Character Information Icon. Use the drop-down box to see how many of each point you have.

    Check the Curiosities Dealer NPC (press M, look for the NPC on the List). There are many items you can trade those different points for.

    The one that would yield the most gold and is also the most boring and agonizingly long thing you can do is Racing. (For more information on racing er.... we don't have a guide in forum yet I think. XD). Cerberus' Gaze, Roar of Nemean Lion, Euros' Fingers, Demeter's Fertility, King of Boar, Monstrous Red Bird Eyes are worth a lot. A LOT. Like 50m+ at least a lot with the current economy. Do not be tricked by naughty people. Some would even trade a decent amount of SP-worth of items for them.

    Note these items too since they're worth a helpful amount of gold: Weaver, Assigner, The Cutter, Hephaestus' Talent (which you can use for yourself, too).

    2) Get stronger to farm dungeons. Team up with fellow-levelled players. You don't need a high-level player to do things for you. (I'd say 'with you', but high-levels pretty much kill things at a snap so... >_>) Dungeons worth farming are Level 45+ Star Core Dungeons. If you get an orange item from Level 45 and Level 50 dungeons, they may be worth A LOT to collectors like myself. For level 55/60 dungeons the orange chests (for orange-grade armor) are worth less than the orange items you get from Lv45/50. This is because most players would most likely farm it for themselves and have a higher drop rate compared to those shiny orange things in Lv45/50.

    3) Field Bosses. Note that the competition of these field bosses are very HIGH and you'd most likely not find them at their spawn point. They respawn approximately every 2 hours (purgatory bosses may take a full day or two) from their time of death so camping may be needed. TEAM UP and choose who leeches (Leech: First hit, keeps aggro for 3-5 seconds, then leaves party when boss is at 1-5%, depending on your team's damage on it.)

    Min. Lv50-55 - Tyrant in Well of Silence
    Min. Lv55-60 - Boss Mic in Stormy Shore
    Min. Lv60-65 - Scorpion Queen in Witch Cliff, Athena's Prosecutor in Frozen Imprisonment, Damien in Misty Storm (mage boss), Designer in Icarus Rift, Icarus Creator (summoned) in Icarus Rift, Medea (summoned/purgatory) in Witch Cliff.
    Other bosses: You'll learn soon enough. =w=

    If you cannot kill it, don't worry. Bosses aren't supposed to be easy to kill. Buff up (potions/cards), team up, get squad if you can, but seriously, just TEAM UP. These bosses can be done without pet squad as long as you're TEAMED UP. And have a priest with you, of course.

    4) Cupid Dungeon. Not only is this place good for grinding, you get drops worth selling or trading for equips to, too! Check out the guide! (No, I didn't ask for permission. o3o/ Free advertising, yay?)

    5) Knight Regiment Errands and Daily Quests.
    KRE Quests can be taken from any city and can be Simple or Difficult. I'd always choose difficult. KREs that ask for starcores are fine since you can buy the from the Mystic Magic House NPC but if it asks for other items that aren't starcores, delete the KRE from your Quest List (press Q) and get a new one. I prefer KREs that ask you to kill a certain number of things but if you're doing things solo, check the guide up there if you can do the mob (depending on your class, you may have a hard time with Super Strong mobs).

    One thing about KREs that can get you money other than NPC-ing the item rewards is the fact that lower level KREs can get you accessory add-ons, which are very rare and are sought after (the most notable one being the Crit Dmg+2%). So if you ever get an add-on like that and need money, SELL IT ON ZONE. (I would buy it for lots~ o3o/)

    Dailies are just for steady income and exp if you do it that often. Doing it with a soulmate in team garners you more exp (Sweet Points). However, if you collect a lot of coupons, you can exchange them with the Curiosities Dealer for pet cookies, which many players buys, or mounts/other things that some collectors may want (check if the items are tradeable or not or you're screwed; mounts and cookies are tradeable, furniture aren't).

    Erm I would have put BUY & SELL for #5 but I don't think that'd help much until you learn more about the game yourself and have a bit of income to invest. Derp.
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    Good guide. I'm not a new player but this is useful.

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    Well I hope it helps. XD I prolly should have done it way before but I was plenty lazy. o3o

    I wish we could edit our posts conveniently without having to ask a GM/Mod LOL x.x
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