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Thread: e14 IG armor

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    Default e14 IG armor

    S>e14eva IG slot rabia x2 - prefix bonus 12radar range, suffix bonus 5pierce = wp - or T> for IG/BG stuff/full equips for AG (+wp/credit depend on item trade)
    B>exo contour - or T>infernal = exo
    B>wp lance with ose fix
    pm/letter L4K or K4lish in game for more info

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    How much wps u want to trade

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuangngocftHvDB View Post
    How much wps u want to trade
    pm/letter me in game or gimme ur IGN

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    update : no longer looking for IG black .
    S>infernal cont - or T=velo or exo cont
    armor still on list

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    update :
    infernal sold
    armor sold

    B>exo contour

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    Default want the rabia x2

    how much $ for the rabia x2 ? 150 $
    I love subagames its a nice game

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    hate to bear the bad news but he sold that armor 5 years ago bud
    Quote Originally Posted by krls View Post
    Don't mess with mah purpleboy airsieging ag

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