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Thread: Pet Leveling Service Verification

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    Hiya it's me, Max. Ty ty for adding me in list <3

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    Sugar_Plum all the way for me, best pet leveler i know and good rates as well.

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    My pet is stolen by Sieghart , RxRise I ask that my pet be returned as soon as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butcher88 View Post
    My pet is stolen by Sieghart , RxRise I ask that my pet be returned as soon as possible

    Mine was stolen by him too before this list was ever posted, and still stolen. So good luck even submitting a ticket now

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    Nice to know we have a go to list for this

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    Should definitely add Kayina. Fast service and good prices as well.
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    You should add Asami to the list she's very trust worthy and a cheap leveler (50k from 11-40!) I've known her for some time and she would never steal a pet and has helped friends level their pets. She's very friendly and will keep in contact with the pet owner during the entire time of leveling.
    Old IGNs: Malene
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    Maybe an in-game title would be nice for the hard working and trust worthy pet levelers.
    that would avoid the issue of not being able to edit forum posts.

    Verified Pet Leveler might be a nice title to have for those hard working guys.
    They really put a lot of work into what they do.

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    I recommend Champion he gets the job done. He is trust worthy (:

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    Heyo folks!

    Just here to confirm the services of RxNingen! He raised my lvl 48 original Lily pet "Circe" to 60 for a total of 300k gold.

    Thanks, fella!

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