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Thread: Jigsaw Puzzle event not working

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    Default Jigsaw Puzzle event not working

    You can join this event when the time comes up for it, but there's no countdown for it and if you go in, you just end up inside an instance summoning pool. It doesn't seem to be implemented, even though you can join it.

    You pretty much have to relog to get out, as if you go out through the portals there, although you can go back to normal maps, it treats everywhere you go as still inside the instance, and you aren't able to use your penny unless you relog (at which point you will find yourself where you were when you joined the event). (Armor and Costume Gallery) | (Guide Archives)
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    I have been having this problem too.

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    Pardon the ancient necro, but I've encountered some new behavior with this.

    I clicked into the Jigsaw event (6:25 EST) while in Placid Plains and it teleported me to the Summoning Pool.
    The pillar of light portal took me to a perfectly normal Eversun City.
    I went into the Guild Cottage, and when I left, I was teleported back to where I was in Placid Plains (6:32 EST).
    My trip was: Plaid Plains -> Summoning Pool -> Eversun City -> Guild Cottage -> Placid Plains

    So it looks like the issue with being stuck inside the instance is fixed, but EITHER the teleport from the Guild Cottage to Placid Plains OR the fact I was able to get into the Guild Cottage at all was unexpected.

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    Jigsaw was never implemented, so that's working as intended.

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