Given the recent FB announcement of removing SE1 pets from the item mall, it sounds as if Suba will be doing this before ensuring the SE tokens the community wants are added.

It also sounds as if they plan to truly remove the pets forever but I believe in reality they will just be cycling them, and that the pets will eventually come back.

My suggestion is before you go ahead with cycling the SE pets, ensure tokens will be available, as this will make the community a lot happier and willing to spend money.

Also please don't mislead the community, let us know you plan to cycle instead of removing them forever.

(For people who don't know what I mean by cycling, essentially it means that the SE pets will only ever be available one edition at a time, so SE1 pets for a month, then SE2, then 3, etc, until it goes back to SE1 pets. Aeria did this with perm costumes to increase longevity. This is not a terrible idea, but would work a lot better with SE tokens as opposed to boxes).