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Thread: Is Lucent Heart working right now?

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    Default Is Lucent Heart working right now?

    For some reason my Lucent Heat client just sits on "Getting information of new version, please wait..." when I load it. I've opened and closed it several times and it does the same thing. is anyone else dealing with this?
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    I'm logging in just fine, it's just you probably.

    I would try leaving it on for some time, if it not making any progress whatsoever then reinstall. If that doesn't work, send a ticket.

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    Like Zackhario said, try leaving it on for a while or redownloading a fresh client. Make sure that you're also running it on windows compatibility mode and as administrator if the game is not recognizing your authority. If this still doesn't work, send a ticket and we will get some one to troubleshoot this for you.

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    well my game seems to be running fine. though I always keep the full downloaded install file just in case

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