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Thread: maps, guns and game modes

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    Default maps, guns and game modes

    I would like to see you guys bring back some of the old maps like Dust from CSGO (had a diffirent name in this game) and maybe some of remake some of the other CSGO maps.

    It would be cool if there were more modern war/cold war/WWII weapons like the PPSH-41, PP19-Bizon, L96A1, UZI, galil, AUG, Luger pistol, Wlather P5 pistol, Double-Barreld shotgun/Olympia (+150% dmg in all AI modes), ACR, Sten, and more guns.
    MORE XM8's AND M14-EBR's!!!!

    Gun Game: total of 35 guns, no dancing, no serum and when somebody is on a like 5 kill streak make sure they die quicker or have their guns to do less dmg or something to balance it out.
    Sharpshooter: tdm, get a random gun every 45 or 60 secs, small to medium maps, melee allowed to use, 10 min timer and 100 / 200 kills required to win.
    A mummy game mode that is similar to the way CoD Zombies work.

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    Press F to view weapon like you have in CSGO or something (just remove the flashlight in that 1 mummy map)

    Change the way sniping works. switching weapons does not cancel the bolt action, let zooming be smoother and when you finished doing the bolt action it does not automaticly zoom back in

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