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Thread: Assassin Guide Post-Rebalance

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    Default Assassin Guide Post-Rebalance

    hi im foomps, this is a quick skill point guide for all the cool players that chose the best class, assassin! Since the skill rebalance patch, my last guide is now outdated so i'm writing a new one.

    Tier 1
    The only skill you need is Dual Sword Mastery get that to rank 10, and save your skill points.

    Tier 2
    Max Alas and Attack Mastery, if you train solo without crystals putting a couple points in Soul Shock would be a good idea for stunning mobs and making training easier. Soul Shock stops working on monsters after LoC so reset your skill points after if you put any points into Soul Shock.

    Tier 3
    You have 2 choice of attack skills: Sore Sword and Beat Up. Sore Sword is better if your weapon speed is 6 or lower since the skill speed isn't dependent on weapon speed, Beat Up is better if your weapon speed is 7 or higher since the skill speed scales with weapon speed, and Beat Up does 50% AoE dmg to nearby monsters. I personally don't use Inpes so after maxing Sore Sword or Beat Up, dump the rest of your points into Blind first then Inpes.

    Tier 4
    Max Fatal Mastery and save your EP for tier 5. Also the way Fatal Mastery works is it increases your weapon's critical rate not your total critical rate. So for example if your have 25% critical rate on your weapon and you have rank 10 Fatal Mastery (+35% critical) then your total critical rate = 25% * 1.35 = 33.75% instead of 25% + 35% = 60%. The skill gets more noticeable when you have a +20 110 dagger (34% critical rate, i think) then with rank 10 Fatal Mastery you will have a total of around 47% critical rate.

    Tier 5
    If your weapon isn't that great then get rank 5 Shadow Bomb since it's damage is more based on skill rank and rank 5 is the last rank that has no delay. Shadow Bomb is good for AoE training until LoC then it does almost no noticeable dmg lol. If you have a high age 100+ weapon then just go straight for Violence Stab, this will be your main attack move it does 2 hits of 400% ATK POW, scale with weapon speed and has no delay at rank 10, you can out damage a fully buffed pike, this skill is amazing. After maxing Violence Stab Max Storm for PvP since it does 1 hit of 480% ATK POW (i think i forgot the exact number). With rank 10 Blind and a critical rank 10 Storm hit you can 1 shot anyone in BC.

    Also remember to do quests for extra stats and SP/EP

    Howl sticky plz <3
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    Hey I don't understand. For PVE, why max blind if it only works for 1st attack and not duration for buff? wouldn't Inpes be better to max than Blind?

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