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    I recently acquired a SE1 pet (Sapph) and wanted to know ideal locations/methods to pet leveling as I am looking forward to evo'ing my sapph c: It's currently level 11.
    Any help is advice is wanted. Thank you !


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    There are three recommendations I have:
    -Grizzly Garrison quest spam teams. If players have a tendency to do them all the way to level 40, then you can get a pet to that level too. There you go, it'll be ready for its second evolution.
    -Foggy Forest AoE teams are considered better than that, but Grizz is assuming you're not 40+ yet. You can get a pet up to 60 here, but it's just awfully tedious, especially 50+.
    -Dragons Den can be another good place, particularly against Flying Noisy Snakes. It would likely be less tedious from 50-60. Of course, that's assuming you can kill an FNS quickly or if your duo partner/team doesn't mind you leveling your pet.

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    psh the experience share to support still the same even if the dps give exp to his/her pet ( '-')/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akitsuru View Post
    psh the experience share to support still the same even if the dps give exp to his/her pet ( '-')/
    this is the case with all spots and teams, the pet only gains from the player lvling the pet, anyone else in the party is not affected by what you do with your pet.

    most people tend to wait til foggy to lvl their pets since it pretty fast there, but you can also lvl your pet as you lvl on any mob that you gain exp on (this is why pet muses exist after all and they usually lvl a pet as they lvl themselves)

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