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Thread: A broken GPU and 5 years hiatus...

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    Default A broken GPU and 5 years hiatus...

    ... merely to notice that archer are still the crappy step child of the game.

    I suppose those still playing spent their time re-rolling rather than complaining for 5 years, yes?

    Shame on you.


    I can only imagine where the archer'd be if we didn't push for the AGI = WEIGHT change.


    Oh, and Ice2 as horrible as day one. At least now a daily gets rubbed into everyone's face to go there daily
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    yep it's still a hard grind for archers
    ..unless you have a close friend to boost you

    i think prs can kill faster in SL
    and don't even think about pvp a 10x ata

    maybe one day yedang will give us a real-deal T5 killing skill like snippy
    or a one-handed wep ???

    btw what ur char name erbse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LivnLetDie View Post
    btw what ur char name erbse?
    It is, or used to be anyway, Megumi. I'm not playing her though. Cannot bring myself to sit through 95 to 100.

    I've noticed there are Celesto Gems now though, that should slightly improve the pain but not by much looking at the skills at hand compared to any other class out there.

    Worst part may be thus: Having to kill 10 CC / Day past 95 for your daily quest. Cannot imagine anything more dreadful

    The issues with archer are fundamental.

    The class has zero tankability. If it does, then it has even more lackluster damage than pure builds.

    Wolf, regardless of level, will eventually fall short or be completely useless in some instances (CCs)

    Most skills scale horrible or revolve around Falcon attacking every 4th attack (8 spd) - however, wasting 30 SPs is a joke for the pitiful damage falcon does (Falcon, Golden Falcon, FoN).

    T5 offers AOR 2.0 - trolling by Yedang.

    Bows provide no Block/Evasion as a default while every other 2H weapons do.

    Bows damage is ridiculous tiny compared to all other 2H's.

    Agility adds nothing worthwhile but ATR which eventually is capped anyway.

    The list goes on and it's not bearable, really.

    I'd gladly have the option of turning my Archer in any other class, though

    There are three useful skills:

    They're extremely limited though due to survivability issues of the class paired with horrendous weapon damage.
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