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Thread: FAQ Technical Issues - Read this before posting.

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    Default FAQ Technical Issues - Read this before posting.

    Answers for technical issues are posted here, check the list before posting your thread. This thread is aimed to reduce number of tickets and threads, and hopefully help a lot of people.

    Account Issues

    I forgot my inventory password! What can I do?

    Open up the settings in-game by pressing ESC, go to Other tab and look for Password on the bottom. It will ask you for Security password on 'Original Password' and then enter your new password.

    If you can't remember your security password, issue a ticket.

    I accidentally deleted one of my items?

    Issue a ticket, remember to provide them full details such as date, time, what you lost, your character and your account.

    Help! I can't log into my account, what do?

    If you are getting 'Incorrect account or password' And you can't remember your password, use this webpage and request a password change. Your SubaGames account's password is as same as your password on Lucent Heart's account.

    However, if you are getting 'Unable to Connect' error, scroll down to Connection Issues.

    I am a Beanfun! player, is my account still there?

    No, you'll have to start from LV1 again.

    The game keeps telling me to take a break?

    Don't worry about it, if you have been playing the game for over an hour, it will tell you to take a rest but it won't shut down the game automatically if you choose to ignore it. It's just there to tell you to look after your health.

    Character Creation Issues

    'Icon name cannot be blank' What does this mean?

    Security word is required before proceeding.

    I've deleted my character but it's still there?

    It will be deleted in three days, this is for preventing unintentionally deletion and in case players would change their mind.

    I don't like my character's name, can I change it?

    You can, issue a ticket and request a name change. However, you can only change it once so choose wisely.

    Installation Issues

    I’ve finished downloading the client and opened the installer but nothing happened?

    It may be your anti-virus performing a download scan, since it’s a 3 GB file, it will take time. Once it finishes the scan, it will let the installer open. If you think this isn’t the case and it’s not opening at all, it may have crashed while it was loading. To fix this, move your cursor to the taskbar and right-click, open task manager and display Processes tab, look for the following texts.

    Highlight and right-click, and click End Process. Do the same if there are multiple processes. Then open up the setup and it should appear.

    My patcher keep freezing?

    Your downloading process may have been unsuccessfully, remove all the LH files from your HDD/SDD. Redownload the installer and install it again.

    Download Issues

    Okay, I’ve managed to installed it but the patcher stopped downloading the updates?

    Your Patcher may be installing the files before proceeding on downloading other files, this is common so give it some time. If it not moving at all for some time, make sure your internet is connected and your firewall isn’t blocking it. If not, shut down the program and restart it, and if this doesn’t work, you’ll need to reinstall it.

    Okay, I need to download the installer but for reasons, I can’t/don't want to use SubaGames’ download link.

    Luckily, we do have an alternative. However you need a torrent software to download via a torrent file. And unfortunately, we don’t have many seeders.

    You can also use standalone download manager (such as BitComet,) simply copy this link:

    Click on HTTP and paste it on URL box and it will download it for you. And like torrent software, you can pause, limit download the speed and etc.

    Note: On a browser, you can pause when currently downloading it.

    Connection Issues

    I keep logging in but getting the same error, I’m sure my login details are correct.

    If you are getting ‘Unable to Connect’ error, then the game is likely to be under maintenance. Be sure to check Facebook Lucent Heart page for any updates. If they have not made a status regarding maintenance then it is likely to be down unexpectedly, if this is the case, don't send a ticket as they may already be aware of this.

    Like their page.

    I keep getting disconnected from the game?

    The game depends on your internet speed, SubaGames recommend playing Lucent Heart with an internet speed of 1MB or greater. You can shut down other programs and devices that is using your internet so the ratio of Lucent Heart’s connection speed and stability increases.

    Everytime I log in, sometimes it would kick me out and display this error ‘Connection is past due!’

    This is normal, when you idle for a minute, it will kick you out back to login screen. No one knows why but I’m assuming the game is trying to reduce traffic.

    Performance Issues

    My game is so laggy! What can I do to stop this?

    Sadly there is no cure for lags but you can reduce it. Press ESC and go to ‘Effect’ tab, you’ll see a list of adjustable options, by lowing the effects, and the lags will reduce.

    For a normal computer, I would recommend these following settings.
    Map Visible Range: Medium or Near
    Character Visible Range: Medium or Near
    Shadow: Medium or Off
    Skill Effects: Off
    Weather/Season Effects: On
    Anti-Anliasing Effect: x2 or off
    Show Other Players: On
    Show Activity NPC: On
    Show Other’s Pet: Off

    If your computer is not exactly top-notch or simply old, use the following settings.
    Map Visible Range: Near
    Character Visible Range: Near
    Shadow: Off
    Skill Effects: Off
    Weather/Season Effects: Off
    Anti-Anliasing Effect: Off
    Show Other Players: Off (Note: You will not see other players in-game, however you can still communicate with other players despite of their visual nature.)
    Show Activity NPC: Off
    Show Other’s Pet: Off

    Other things you can try is shutting down other unneeded programs so your computer can focus on the game, perhaps even upgrade your RAM or download gaming software such as Razor Cortex which enhance your game’s performance. There are plenty of articles online offer tips which can help you and your computer.

    I should probably mention that no matter how good your PC is, you’ll always have lags in this game. (I got a gaming PC, I can vouch for this.) This is because the game is pretty old (old games are not designed to manage lags) And the version that we have at the moment is pretty far behind compare to Taiwan, Chinese and Japanese LH. So you should expect some buggy corners in this game.

    SubaGames Points Issues

    Where can I find out how much SPs do I have?

    Press B, a window should appear and look on top left side, this is where you find your SPs.

    I’ve made payment and I’m still waiting for my SPs.

    SPs usually arrive to your account under a minute but for some cases, it can take up about an hour for number of reasons. If it has been more than an hour, check your Suba Bank. On the top, Suba Mall > Suba Bank and check your balance. If it there, then the server is currently working sending the SPs to the game.

    However, if that’s not the case. Click on your username, on top right side. Or simply click on this: and click ‘Settings’, look on your Balance and History then look for the transaction you’ve recently made, if it have been successfully and you haven’t yet to receive SPs, issue a ticket.

    If you don’t see the transaction, it may have failed. If so, check your bank and see if your money has been taken and check the history where that money is went to. Use this as proof and issue a ticket, give them full details of what happened regarding the transaction.

    Resolution Issues

    I looked on my settings and I can’t seem to adjust my resolution?

    While you can’t adjust your resolution, you can use the cursor, move it to the edge and drag it. You’ll see that you can manually adjust resolution. If you want to go full-screen, hold Alt and press Enter.

    Help! I keep getting this error.

    The system doesn't support the screen resolution less than 1024 x 768

    As it said, this game does not support resolution support lower than 1024x768, you can fix this by changing your resolution higher than 1024x768. Right click on your desktop and click ‘Screen Resolution’, click on the drop-box by Resolution and choose a suitable resolution. (It is recommended to click apply instead so you can test your monitor, then click okay if you find a best one.)

    (Note: I’m told that all resolution problems can be fixed by using windowed mode.)

    I'm playing Room Invasion and I seem to have gained weight (the screen looks stretched?)

    You're fine, you don't need to go to the gym, it's a common problem that you'll always have to face. You can restore it while being in a house by dragging the Window edge a tiny bit and boom, you've lost 5 pounds. However, this is temporary, you'll have to do this everytime you enter your house or doing room invasion and exiting your house/room invasion.

    User Interface Issues

    I can see features such as like chat, mini-map, my char info etc but the rest of a screen is completely black?

    If you are a regular player who have just logged in today, restarting the game should fix it.

    If you are a first timer who've logged in for the first time or a regular player who is still experiencing this problem, it's likely the file are missing or corrupted. Perform a 'System Test' and if you are still getting the black screen then you need to download the installer and reinstall it.

    I can't move the mini-map?(The big box map above the chat.)

    You can move it by double right click or click on the blue circle spot on the mini-map to make it dragable. (Alternatively, you can press R to make it disappear completely.)

    So does that mean other features can disappear too?

    Some of them, yes. You can close them by clicking X but there are shortcut keys. As the following lists is shown(Excluding non-relevant commands):

    Q: Quest Journal
    E: Interactions and Emotes
    R: Mini-Map
    T: Team Manager
    I: Inventory
    O: Community Lists (Including friends', soulmates', block's and guild's list)
    P: Astrolabe
    K: Skills
    L: Craft List
    C: Full Character Info
    V: Buy/Sell Stall
    B: Item Mall
    N: E-Newsletter (Including ranking boards, stats and system notices.)
    M: Full Map View

    Everytime I log on, the UI features keep rearranging itself, I even moved them back to the right place?

    Perform a 'System Test' on the patcher, if this didn't work then wait for a client update or simply reinstall.

    OS Related Issues

    Does this game work on Mac OS/Window 8/8.1?

    Yes, there are players who uses those OS are able to play. However, it does not support Linux but you can use Virtual Box and play it on there.

    Will this work on Window 10?

    I don't know but I believe it should, I plan to test it myself when it is release. Until then, sit tight.

    Unfortunately, I don't know much regarding OS issues especially on Win 8/8.1 and Mac, and there are issues playing them on a different OS other than Win 7 but works the nonetheless.

    If your issue isn't found on here then you may post a thread and you should expect a reply soon.

    If you find a bug, make a thread in this section:

    This thread will be updated every once in the while with the help of mods.

    I hope everyone will find this useful.
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