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    hallo guys, anyone here can help me or give me some reason?
    i have some problem in domo now
    the story like this, when i play domo 19 july 2015, i got lag when i fly, then i leave from game, but when i try to login back, i got this " id is login now" but noone know my username and password. after 5 minutes, i can login again,but when i open my bag, i lost all my item in my bag, and never get it back until now. anyone here know how to get my item back?
    "already send ticket to GM, but never get reply"
    thank you all
    i love u

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    I've moved this to the correct subforum and have passed it on to the GM's to review.
    If it's been over 5 business days, feel free to submit a follow-up ticket explaining the situation. If it's been under 5 business days, please remain patient. You can check the status of your ticket in the ticket centre. Thanks.
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    hallo gracei, im already sent ticket to GM, but im not got any respons about my problem, can you help me?

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