Greetings Ace Players,
Maintenance has concluded and players are now able to log back into the game maintenance also included Episode 4.5

Patch Notes
Design & Graphics
1. Added new map, Violet Cave.
2. Added new contour.
3. War is now available in burning maps.
4. Added trade shop (auction house in the center of town).
5. Deleted voice chat function.
6. Added hyper burning level up card.

1. Use currently equipped partner when using quick slot partner item.
2. Deleted resource loading which is not used.
3. Resolved bonus exp tool tip display error.
4. If hp is same or less than '0', 1:1 battle can't be accepted.
5. Fixed memory error (character select window, screen shot, Enemy Data, Monster Data).
6. Modified message string of supply shop.
7. Added LV info of chat room.
8. Added gear info of formation member.
9. Added NGC SP.