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Thread: GM Auction Suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by A286246525Se470 View Post
    A mileage auction is not a good solution to the lack of interest in the game.
    There are so many issues that deter players from LH. Outdated graphics with no redeeming gameplay.
    Outdated-played out point and click MMORPG in a time of innovation in mmorpgs.
    Saying "Hey people who have played and spent money on the game, there's something for you." isn't what is needed to improve the game's popularity. LH needs beginner-friendly perks and content that will say "Hey, this game actually has something to offer instead of point and click grinding."

    Everybody has had this disgusting thought that the lack of active SP sellers is bad. There are so many bigger issues in the game than a lack of real world currency sellers. Ever since SP broke 100k/1k at launch, people have complained about a lack of SP sellers.

    This is the real reason that there are no SP sellers.
    When LH launched, there were alot of ex-players excited to jump back in the action, everyone needed to buy skills, crafting materials, and everything that gold costs. There wasn't alot of gold in the game, so people sold SP for 100k/1k. People were willing to spend money on their newly resurrected game. One thing I noticed when the game launched is that I recognized almost everybody from Beanfun LH, there were very few new players, let alone ones that stayed.
    As the game developed, gold flowing into players' pockets, the content did not. There have been two content updates since the game launched, and the expansions were buggy, poorly translated, and have yet to be fixed in many ways. People understood how LH worked, peopel understood that pamphlet dispatcher can get you levelled up quick, clan chasers can get you capped out quickly. This led to people hitting the level cap much sooner than they did in Beanfun LH. Endgame content is almost nonexistent in LH, there has been no new endgame content released in the newest expansion. Literally all there is to do for an endgame player is log on to go to a boss event to get drops from a boss that cannot be accessed due to a bug. Everything else involves spending SP to enchant gear or buy new item mall items.
    I quit the game a few months ago just because of the lack of content, and the joke of management that has no intentions of improving the game.

    There are no new players that need gold to get their skills and gear, LH is full of veteran players that are not welcoming to new players, on top of LH being an uninteresting and uninspired game in this day and age. Nobody needs gold, everybody has gold, no amount of alternate methods for veteran players to get cash shop items without spending money will help the game. It will only keep the few dedicated players sticking around a bit longer. It won't make players buy SP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VirusLH View Post
    The GM auctions were designed to act as a goldsink, not an event accessible to anyone who spends enough money to participate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cleftobismal View Post
    The luxury of the Auction house is to get items a month earlier than players then show it off.
    I belive these two simple quotes say it all.

    The GM auction was made to burn some gold off the Wealthiest board, allowing "rich" players to adquire items before they get released in Item Mall & show it off/enjoy their benefits before the rest of the playerbase. The items will be released later for everyone to buy, for a cheaper price as you could see.

    You've made your suggestion and got some players' input already; I've also noted the GMs about this thread, they should take a look tomorrow.
    The thread is somehow going off-topic, I'll close it for now.
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