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Thread: Animal and School lucky box contents

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    Yesterday in class, my school teacher gave me a homework assignment, namely to write an essay on the topic of medical models and how they work. Of course, at my age, I didn't understand this at all, so I started looking for ways to get out of this situation. I asked my parents, friends, but they all did not understand anything in this topic and simply could not help me. I was lucky that while surfing the Internet, I accidentally stumbled upon on depression essay examples and was able to take a lot of information from here for my essay, and absolutely free.

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    "In the previous article, we did MATLAB homework and the students introduced which groups are suitable for learning MATLAB, and then received a lot of comments, many students want to understand MATLAB related content.But we want to remind the students that good learning is a good thing, but some data can be achieved through simple Excel, why should we go far to learn MATLAB? Next, we will briefly talk to the students, which occasions do not apply MATLAB, hope to be able to help the students Help.
    First of all, there is no need for a lot of data processing, such as to do the average, the maximum value, variance or summation, Excel can be easily achieved, and the technical threshold is relatively low, it is also very convenient to use.SECONDLY, there is A lot of TEXT INFORMATION in the DATA to be PROCESSED, THIS SITUATION MATLAB PROCESSING is ALSO VERY TROUBLESOME,IT TAKES A lot of TIME, and the PROCESSING EFFECT is not satisfactory.Finally, the size of the data is too large, MATLAB will be difficult to meet the requirements."
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