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Thread: Bug to Learn Skill 2handed sword and Mage Regalia on PW

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    Question Bug to Learn Skill 2handed sword and Mage Regalia on PW

    need to learn that Two Handed Sword Training and Mage Regalia Skills to equip Two Handed Sword and Magic stuffs, GM help me to learn that two red skills - thank you

    Screenshot ----------
    need help, I wanna play thank you </3

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    Hello im newbie to in the game and i did see that about thoses two passives skills and i am asking why we don't fix it because it really sucks.
    I mean, all the class are good to go in the game instead of the PW and i don't understand why.
    Please we need an answer !

    Thanks in advance.

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    that same problem is for me to please need help thank you
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