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Thread: Leveling up to 8x or 9x

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    Default Leveling up to 8x or 9x

    Looking for maybe a Pikeman and a Magician so we can do Ricarten SOD or Cursed Temple. I am a level 74 Mech, name is SuperKidbuu, and I'll probably be on Valento if anyone wants to party. Just leave your IGN here (preferably Pikes or Mages), and we can party up! I'll be playing in 30 minutes or so.
    7X Power Mech (eventually lol) - SuperKidbuu

    Wrestler, Bowler, Actor, Singer, If anyone wants to trade me an 80d MS spear, then pm me.

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    you can solo dungeon 3 throne room level 70 ~ 82
    Foomps is gone.. so I Quit

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    lvl 80 mgs here. ign SeeYouAunTie .. always looking to xp.. i hang out on awell

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    i can party up on valento nando007 add me up

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