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Thread: Pristontale Party Database

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    Default Pristontale Party Database

    Hi All

    Though i would create a online database for those looking parties to make leveling easier and more enjoyable

    have a look at the content included

    not sure if anyone can add the info.. if not leave info below for all fields shown and ill update accordingly
    Knight > IGN: Bowk - Level 120
    Clan: Legends

    Support Characters

    Priestess > IGN: [Bowk]Clan[Prs] - Level 112 Magician > IGN: [Bowk]Clan[Mgs] - Level 112 Shaman > IGN: [Bowk]Clan[Sha] - Level 111

    B> Sham 112 Items Clean or Aged

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    I cannot edit the docs but I'd love this idea.
    Only problem is the time. I think everyone should only use the server time to adjust the online time accordingly.
    It's easy to check the server time at:

    Name: llKenll
    Lv: 107
    Class: Mage
    Country: USA
    Server time online: usually 6 pm (18:00) to 1 am (1:00) (Monday - Friday).
    Weekend: 10 pm (22:00) to 1 am (1:00)
    Map train: IM - ET2. Up to what's opened.
    Leech: no leecher for now

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