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Thread: GvG Annoucement: "Invisibility Issue"

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    LUL here's an easy solution; stop using it. What's done is gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bizzon View Post
    LUL here's an easy solution; stop using it. What's done is gone
    ^ These people who enforce the rules ARE game-makers - thus, they set the appropriate rules so everyone can have a fair playing experience. They decide it as a group. If you don't want to play by the rules either a.) do it and be punished as a consequence or b.) don't participate at all. It's that simple. There's really no need to complicate the situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saundee View Post
    ^ These people who enforce the rules ARE game-makers - thus, they set the appropriate rules so everyone can have a fair playing experience. They decide it as a group. If you don't want to play by the rules either a.) do it and be punished as a consequence or b.) don't participate at all. It's that simple. There's really no need to complicate the situation.
    ^ trutru , you preacccch it brothhhhher ! should we build them a bridge so they can get over it ? ;o
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bizzon View Post
    ^ trutru , you preacccch it brothhhhher ! should we build them a bridge so they can get over it ? ;o
    It seems necessary at the moment, so yes absolutely LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ariex7 View Post

    Tfw All You Take From Snipped Post Is How To Type Like This
    Horizon AHHHH


    my message needs to be 10 characters.. AHH

    have some little mermaid lyrics

    Under the sea
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    Darling it's better
    Down where it's wetter
    Take it from meeee.

    EDIT: I kept typing (as shown below) so these lyrics now have no place in my comment. Have them anyways.

    If you want a TOPIC oriented, honest opinion (<-- very important word / edit: let me bold it so you don't miss it), GvG in LH is headsmashing buttons and praying that your opponent is lagging harder than you are. What's invincibility going to save you when you spawn dead, join dead, leave dead, breathe dead, die dead, you get it. Well, maybe some of you missed it. Nonetheless, if you want a competitive environment you best find a game that's PvP oriented.

    tl;dr people complaining about integrity on LH PvP give me aids
    and i'm shown by the community once again how hard english is
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    I need a Hero.

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    I wanna like comments ewwww not being able to do it anymore forces me to move my lazy ass and post!

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    When GM_Aether Said or..*mentioned*
    """However, it is still something that when abused, causes a seemingly unfair advantage and an uneven playing field in a*PvP environment""""

    By now.. Many players whom investigate it or try it out, probably already know how it works. But, I'll just try my best to explain it anyway, despite my bad english. o. O . . . . .*

    In Game:* Press *F12 then go to System & System again.
    When a player*scroll down a little bit, there will a yellow text which say.. Performance.
    Under that catagory, there will be an instructions... explanations or whatever you english people call it....and
    Under the*yellow text that says Performance, there will be a certain orange texts which says.
    -> Character visual range <-*
    resize an object, other players or monsters visible range, Reducing the visible range Can Improve game performance. *

    ^*The mechanism of how it*works is as it has been writen in the discribtion.

    Now...I Myself.... as someone among many players*who are*using this game function or whatever you call it.
    I don't 100% know what interesting*purposes other players are using it for, But there is that one purpose *many of use comonly shares and*which I am aware of why we, those players are using it.., and that purpose is simply to reduce a certain lags*so*we Probably*Might be able to*enjoy*the game.*And ofc, it is obviously great even if it*can reduce lags by ajusting a*certain instructed*available*game's*functions,feature??*or whatever you guys call it, but it doesn't give any godlike advantage like many thinks and made such a big*deal out of such a thing...

    so.. When the GM_Aether stated,*"when abused, causes a seemingly unfair advantage"

    This is not what cause seemingly unfair advantage and an uneven playing field in a pvp environment....Afterall....*

    The thing that certain group of player*call invisibility.....
    It doesn't even exist in the first place, therefore we can't abuse it nor does it cause any unfairness but rather..*

    The cause of unfairness in this case, is the lack of knowledge and understanding about this thing they call invisibility.*
    What make it even unfair in this case is the fact that they can't figure it out about how it trully work and it's weaknesses.

    For many of them who doesn't even try to spend enough time to figure this out,.They instead spending*their times on accusing those players for something they arent, such as Haker and Cheater*and spreading a half baked *false rumors about whoever are using this.*
    (Rumors are Spreading by fools and Accepted by idiots.)

    Anyways...... It is not*an Invisibility especially when you can't even 100% turn invicible nor are you*invicible at all, what *you are doing is simply... and only decreasing the visible range of both your character and other things such NPC, Players, pets, monsters... and etc... By doing that can Increase our game performance.*

    Therefore The*Invisibility doesn't exist and it's not a thing that can* really just be consider as an abuse or exploids and that we Shouldn't *be using...*
    Especially when it's not even something that makes you tooooooooooooooo overpowered or only giving us*huuuuuge of advantges wihtout any disadvantage like many people once think or having a misconception of it........ And *especially when it's not at all like world pet or freeze fires once you know how it works.

    And you just dont't go around and calling them a Cheater or calling them lame asses..*What many of you could have done is take your time to*investigate your enemy what they can do and what they cannot*do or learn from them, make up your own plan and stratergies to counter them... Even thought the game is pretty much broken and so on*but it doesn*meant you can't play or enjoy or making up any kind of stratergy to counter your enemy... many people who often says the game is broken anyway is simply Ignorance fools.
    Once you got Freeze Fire you either get frozen and unable to do anything at all for maybe about 15 seconds or you just die*fast as hell especially when that player who are using it while they're squading ...*

    the thing you call invisibility is not even such a big deal like freeze fire..

    And for world pets buff's bugs, how *many MP potions and Skills do we need to waste on killing someone whoms world pet's buff is activates, especially when the world pet itself has become lvl60+.

    it isn't either such a big deal compare it to world pet's bug....

    For the thing you guys call invisibility, *You will*become & Are Only invicible in a certain amounts of range depends on how much visible range you've decrease it to. *" once again.. it's not an invisibility."

    As many have notice and start to realize, especially*Those people who*trully have becomes aware of it.

    Our Visible Range of*detecting other*players, pets and etc ...*will also Decrease, which*pretty much means.*Other players are becoming invicible too from the users' screens. What I mean is by decreasing*our visible range doesn't just only gives one sided Advantage and Disadvantage.

    So when many of you think that this only gives you a one sided huge of advantages*without a Greatly huge disadvantages are*simply a fools. Instead of trying to be cool You simply have decided to give up and believing in your own false make up*mislead information. In*the result, you simply have becomes even weaker than you shouldn't*be. Especially when you're accusing thsoe whoa re using this it for a hacks and etc.... '_'
    And now here we are wasting our times*discussing about such a thing that doesn't even really is necessary needs to be taken up to the GMs so that they can waste their times *onto creating*a rule for something that doesn't exist in the first place.

    An unecessary rule for something that doesn't exist....
    *Idk how you guys would feel or think about it, but to see this situation has developed this far till it reaches the point where a rule needs to be created for such a basic,basic instructed thing that everyone can use? '_'*

    Althought..*those people who are making this little thing*into such a big deal are totally correct about seing those people who are using it*becomes invcible. But no, that's not how it is at all...... What's trully going on is they just Look invicible but they are not invicible.. we can't become invicible in the first place unless you have the power of GMs.......

    If my memory is correct*the only group people who trully have acces to this are the GMs. .... *

    I don't 100% sure if GMs can use it but..., I remember that*The beanfun GMs could do it. *So I thought that Suba GMs wont have any problems with turning themselves*invicible from players either....

    But now... we're not gms, so we simply can't we're just normal players...

    Anyways.*when the GM_Aether you mentioned the words, Fair plays...
    This decision definetly will not end up as a fair play.
    Taking this away from us wont be a wise nor The Right*decision...
    Especially when this isn't even something that we should have a rule for nor something that Must be taken away from us.....* I mean*like..... WE're just decreasing our visiable range, pets and etc because it's increasing our game performance.. Something like This*shouldn't even be considering as an abuse nor exploids... *._. or are you telling us.. those who are using this thing to increase their game performance is something to be considered as an abuse and exploids?*

    "If we receive further complaints regarding the use of this in-game feature then we may decide to impose punishment to those who ignore this plea"

    That's The more reason of why I oppose this conclusion is because there might be a certain outcomes... & negative*conciquense that might Affects both *Lucent Heart and The Suba Company itself..*

    Wether you notice or not or being aware of it or not but...
    This rule is dengarous is not even necessary to have this rule... especially when we can easily counter and easily deal with it and when invisibility doesn't even exist )O)...* *

    Many innoncents players amongs both veterans and beginners might end up getting banned/punished, especially beginners and those who aren't aware of the rule you're about to make for something that doesn't trully even*exist...*Many players will certaintly get punish for the misconception involving this thing you people call invisibility which at the same time doesn't trully exist nor once again doesn't even need a rule for this.......*

    In*a long run... If that trully happen, how would you deal with the depopulation of LH and teh incomes you make from another games...?

    Now,, maybe SubaGame*Company will certainly and can easily survive without the Boring game call Lucent Heart but like... *I don't think it's wise choise to trade This game for a bad reputations..?

    Anyways.. this thing that you guys call invisbility... it doesn't exist, and it's not something many of you need to become frustrate*about or think of it as a treat or something that will make the battlefield environment becomes one sided battle or.... *unfair play..

    For how it might seems from the those who are using the thing you guys call invisibility.....

    It is pretty*much*dangerous And Risky for those who are using this. ..
    Because you don't know what kind of opponents you may encounter while roaming all over the places on*battlefields. You*don't know where the enemies*are located or positioning, and you*Don't even know how many enemies might show up and rip our face off in an instant. The only things we mostly and likely to rely on when we are decreasing*our visible range. is*Our own instics, guessing and Informations from your team mates and the Dying Wish of lags wont interfer...

    I probaly still fail to get my message through many players who are reading this, but... I hope that there will atleast be someone out there who*understand that we.... .Don't need any rules for this..... especially when it doesn't even exist.... )O)
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    The fact it's not intended to make people invisible doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    And you're obviously not using it to reduce lag, since you weren't using it before knowing the added benefit of being invisible when far enough. Besides, the lag in GvG is caused by the server, not by individual clients. GvG can lag like hell with just two players even if you don't lag in a map full of mobs attacking you. This means it won't, in fact, actually help you lag less.

    You claim it also has disadvantages, so why do you insist on using it? For the sake of ending this useless argument, let's just all agree to stop using it. No one used this trick for more than a year and we were all fine.

    Also, it looks like you're the only one insulting other players.

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    haaa.. - o- Alright

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