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Thread: worth playing of archer ?

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    i agree with you Zoooa.. what really matters is: are you having fun playing your char?
    archer is still a fun class

    i'm 118 and rely heavily on sl parties for levelling
    generally ppl are happy to have an archer in their party
    but you will be in a supporting role

    Yes, i can solo in sl no problem with evade shot and wa and doggie but it's slow
    i can finish dq in 2 - 2½ hours solo OR can finish in 20 mins in a good pt

    working on a 2nd char

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    Quote Originally Posted by Namonaki View Post
    Now we have MultiPT, just think outside of the box
    Play Archer and another character, so you can solve the dmg issue of Archer.

    Nowadays, many players play several char to support each others.
    Combine MultiPT and ALT+Tab and you can play more characters. We have the support characters where we move to their PT window and cast their buffs. But when I combined playing Priestess and Assassin what I did was the PRS kept casting Chain Lightning via shift + right click then I'd switch back to my ASSA and kill mobs all around. When I notice that the PRS stopped casting her skill, I switch back and do it again. It made grinding intense since you had to watch out for both your characters' life. You can try other character combinations to speed up gaining exp.

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    what I watch is that in Kpt the archers kill very well, I saw a new map of the videos that Yd launched and the archer was killing quickly.

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    I plan to play 1 someday
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    is the way I up two characters even simultaneously and hope to be improved archer

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    someone can tell if you have any forecasting a continuation of balance?

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    Shooting Mastery 40% to 48%
    Thunder Roop:
    - Shorten animation (mean faster skill casting)
    - 2 hit

    Comparing with Ata, Archer still kill slower. However, with the AOE stun skill and 2-hit Thunder Roop, at least you can kill twice faster than the current patch.

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    what is the skil aoe that stuns?

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