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    Question Auto mech

    Still worth these days?

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    I main a Lv85 mech with the Rainstar build. But, I have a little auto-mech that I love and wish I could find good gears for. (perfect MS Scale armor & Titan bow) but it's really tough. auto-mech is so squishy that it's really tough and you have to have hard-to-find gears with high aging levels to make it work. But if you really like the auto-mech a lot, it's worth it I think. your normal attacks can out-damage most archers, and you can attack with 10 SPEED!

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    Honestly no, building an automech isnt worth it. Im not saying I havent enjoyed my own and probably will again in periods, however in maps after lvl 105 automech killing speed get ...... awfull. Heck I used to love hunting in loc with my automech.

    Yes its true that at lower lvls automech is decent compared to archers and atas, but at high lvl.... his damage is equal with a mage. The main fault lies in mech agi formula, archers/atas gain twice the attack power towards ranged weaps than the mech does. Add to that fact that archers and atas can use attack skills which boost thier damage further.....

    I have retired my automech at last, once I reached SL with him it was obvious just how bad his damage was. What really put the last nail in his coffin was titan events. Getting drops in party was impossible due to low damage, so I tried soloing one.... zzzZZZzzZ dced after 30 mins and it wasnt dead yet.

    We asked GM countless time to ask for adjustments to mechs agi formula, so PT wouldnt lose its only class who didnt relay on skill spam. We made countless suggestions on how to tweak automech skills to make up for the bad agi formula. I even took screenshots of archer/atas/auto with the exact same stats and weaps to showcase thier damage difference once upon a time. I had promises that they would look into it ect ect multiple times, but the changes never happened.

    As a result the automech is basicly a lost cause, neither GMs nor developers care enough to get the adjustments done.

    So play the automech if you truely like it and for fun, do not make one if you wanna be able to solo/hunt later on because thats one thing the automech can't do.
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    i think agi formula in mech , archer and ata are the same, example, you put 3 agi for 1 add atack power its the same in ata, i also tried to kill in sl mobs and the result is not dis appointing im mix jav that time and its not bad damage after all. their is already tera force now so killing in high lvlv mobs is not really hard compare before.

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