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    Hi, please don't see this post as "I'm another crying noob who got his ass kicked" but more like "How to not suck as IG in comparison to ag/bg?"

    I used to play Air Rivals few year ago and now I'm playing Ace for not so long, maybe few weeks and got my IG to 9x lvls at the moment. I'm playing with some friends who are using other gears and I have some strange observation. Is ace's gears balance stable at the moment? As I see by myself and by watching at better players eq/performance during sp wars I fell that BG is just a little OP. Even when I see at DPS of my similar lvl/eq tier bg friend his dps(while keeping acc at similar%) is a few time larger than mine but mainly because of bombarding bonuses. They can have high hp(for BB reasons), engines varying from 0 to 520(if I remember correctly) for camp and 'air-fight' and those powerful ground/air bombarding. Isn't it allows them to dominate PvE as dough PvP at the same time? Also bombarding dmg seems to be absurdly big. I still have rather weak eq so I die a lot during SP wars but if I face other ig/mg I still have a chance to escape from adv fire using 560engine/rolls and even take a little dmg. If I face ag I have only a few seconds but still sometimes can escape. But when I face BG... ABM from nowhere as he don't even need to 'warn' me by targeting me and one hit kill most of the times, seriously? O_o Bg have bombards, ag have siege modes and they both can be rather tanky by hp/def at the same time. At the same time I don't fell that frenzy bonus is that powerful and relative lower hp/tankiness(and if it comes to eva, it's VERY hard to built eva up to 'helping' level when it is 0 problem to achieve 150% acc on bg and if you focus on it probably much more). It's just mine not fully experienced player's view missing some important things about IG or just Ace suffers from some unbalance problems?

    PS. I didn't say anything about mg because due to their mainly supportive capabilities it seems balanced for me to them being like "bring massive pierce or deal 0 to me" and their dmg isn't bull**** like bg's/ag's compared to their tankiness D:

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    To my understanding ace does not really suffer from gear balance problems: it only suffers from viable equipment acquisition problems. These issues range from the time and dedication required to build said equipment, to how overpowered the better-equipped players still end up being relatively to people that actually manage to meet that minimum requirement. Certain people's stances on this may vary, so I will elaborate upon my statement by adding that if there is no mathematical chance for you to kill even the more broken players 1v1 - this is while factoring defense/evasion rates as well as effective damage output... as in, whether it will be outkitted or not. I am not saying it should ideally be a 50/50 chance, I'm simply stating that it should not be a complete impossibility.

    That aside, I personally consider gear balance to be relatively fine except for the fact that B-gears have gotten their GBM missile count nerfed, which makes A-gears stand out a little bit more than they should. As an I-gear fighting B-gears though, you have to take into account situational awareness in order to not get ganked by them. It's not really unbalanced in my opinion, since every other gear type including other BGs are subject to this - not to mention that it is actually a core part of how to counter them 1v1 or otherwise. In the 7 years since I have played this game, it has been to my understanding that generally in a 1v1 situation involving an I-gear and a B-gear with similar equipment and piloting ability, the I-gear should win practically all the time. There are two exceptions to this however:

    1- Both players are relatively unacquainted to the PvP mechanics, so the I-gear is not really able to time rolls properly or position itself accordingly. In this situation it is only natural for B-gears to win by default.

    2- Both players are actually substantially-skilled, to the point of being able to outplay over 95% of the current playerbase with relative ease. In this case the B-gear will actually win most of the time for technical reasons. They kinda take a while to explain, therefore I will not be covering them here unless anyone asks me to.

    The level cap will be raised sooner or later from 110 though, which will hopefully give I-gears access to Arrow X weapons (level 112 arrows) as to put them on equal footing with B-gear damage, in addition to the substantially-more overpowered level 117 arrows which might likely shift the damage advantage over to I-gears instead.

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    The more you advance in terms of skill, the less of a threat BGs turn out to be. Sure, they have burst damage up the ass, but a proper IG will stomp on a worse BG, usually through range and situational awareness. Some IGs can go up close with a BG and usually win, but it takes excellent execution for the most part, especially if it's a BG that is not terrible at delaying. In some cases running HP armor may work against BGs if they go full on anti-survival build mode where damage is thus lessened. AGs are another matter since your ability to survive them usually revolves around defensive stats like defense and evasion, or how far away you are from the AG. Proper survival armor should take care of that even if that does make you vulnerable to specialty weapons, especially BGs as they will OHKO you at that point with the proper weapons.

    As for IG damage, yes, it will never get as good as an AG or BG. However, the advantage lies in how you fire guided missiles. Guided missiles are a pain to avoid for most and so the damage is actually more guaranteed. Especially against those who roll missiles at long range. That is suicide since the RA of missiles is lower than the roll cooldown, and missiles tend to stack. It's not all about damage output you know. BGs have higher damage output, but anyone that can roll properly and keep situational awareness will avoid damage from most BGs entirely. AGs have high DPS, but their ability to deal with survival builds is limited and without barrier most AGs will die easily because they can't be assed to evade properly. IG damage is solid enough and pretty tricky to avoid.

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    Gear balance is actually one of the few things that isn't terrible about this game at the moment

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    Thanks, those posts made me less worried about late game balance. But still I need to learn how to fight properly and get some non-****ty eq. ;D

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    Just need to roll properly. Omega whoops my ass all the time as an attack build ig
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