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Thread: IMPORTANT - RMT will get you banned

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    Default IMPORTANT - RMT will get you banned

    It has come to the attention of DOMO management that some players have engaged in Real Money Trading (RMT).

    You may not trade DOMO items, pets, gold, or services for anything other than DOMO items, pets, gold or services.

    if you trade DOMO items, pets, gold, or services for anything else, tangible or intangible, including but not limited to: Suba Points, Paypal Credit, Promise to Pay, Monopoly money, WoW gold, or whatever else, without a written authorization from Suba Games, you will be punished with a permanent ban. Your GM's have many abilities and tools to enforce this. I advise you not try your luck.

    As a reminder, Discussing bans on the forum is punishable by a permanent forum ban. Any suggestions and/or complaints should be sent to


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    Obtaining gold in this way violates Suba Game's Terms of Service.

    If you can't be bothered to read or understand that, please review the following spoiler dropbox, which comes from Suba Game's Privacy Policy and is relevant to the topic at hand.
    "[1.3] Extreme Suspension
    A suspension that is lengthy in duration and applied to a violating account. This is often caused by a serious offense in accordance with Suba Games Terms and Conditions or the Forum Rules and Regulations. Extreme suspension is a consequence for situations where the offender may or may not have been warned numerous times and/or has been previously given a simple suspension.

    [1.4] Account Closure
    Account closure is by far the highest level of punishment to an active account. This course of action is utilized at situations where an offense may not be tolerated any further. In other words, the offender has far exceeded the point in which any warning and/or suspension is applicable. Upon completion of an account closure, the entire account may be permanently deleted as well as the offender is prohibited to attend any matters relating to the game. Hereafter, the account will not be revoked for any reason. Severe acts or a large accumulation of small acts may not receive any warnings and can lead to account closure immediately. Accounts related to the offender's account may also be banned depending on the circumstances that the original account was banned under.

    [7.0] Cheating/Hacking
    Cheating and hacking are two critical problems which are encountered during numerous online gaming activities to gain advantage. The internet is a huge resource possessing variety of tools to successfully hack or cheat a game server/client. We do not tolerate any kind of cheating or hacking which is concluded by our assessment of a player's results. The hacker's information including the current IP Address will be recorded for future reference and investigation.
    These activities are not allowed and can be illegal in accordance with "SUBA Games - Terms of Agreement" and necessary corrective actions will be taken."


    How? The money you pay them goes to buying SP, which is then sold to players in the form of items worth that SP value as if it were to appear normal. But then they make chargebacks, meaning the money that you just sent them does not stay at Suba Games. Additonally, Suba Games will be forced to pay a chargeback fee, so they end up LOSING money. This WILL cause damage in the long run. If you are spreading and/or believing the ludicrous lie that buying gold helps Suba Games, it does not. How? The money you pay them goes to SP, which is then sold to players in the form of items worth that SP value as if it were to appear normal. But then they make chargebacks, meaning the money that you just sent them does not stay at Suba Games. Additonally, Suba Games will be forced to pay a chargeback fee, so they end up LOSING money. This WILL cause damage in the long run. Yes, I typed the exact same thing twice.

    "We buy gold to play DOMO." - And why can't you earn that gold in a legitimate manner such as killing Branch Monkeys or Female Vampire Bats to sell their drops? Why resort to a tactic that hurts Suba Games and will get you punished? In fact, if you have money to spend, why not spend it on SP to sell for yourself? Buying SP helps the game. Buying gold from gold spammers does NOT. Why not...just play the game like normal?

    "It's cheaper and faster." - If you truly care about the game, would you resort to a tactic that is the better deal for you but hurts the game in the long run? By buying gold from gold spammers because it may be cheaper, especially after knowing why it's bad, then you're just being selfish. There is no denying that; you are being selfish and hypocritical by saying you want to support the game but buy gold instead.

    "I've done this in Aeria. I've bought SP before." - This is not Aeria Games. Buying SP does not excuse you to buy gold. Why? If you're seriously asking that at this point, re-read the entire post.

    "By banning us, you get less people to buy SP." - 1) That is better than risk having you buy gold again to hurt the game for your own selfish desires. 2) Sure, it is less people that buy SP this way, but the game also dies slower than if these same people remained unbanned to buy gold. Better to delay the inevitable for the people who actually enjoy the game and go by the rules, yes?

    "We want to invite more people to play because of all the people that got banned for doing this, yet they get banned too!" - That's great! But those who get banned for buying gold, quite frankly, deserve it.

    If you have read and understood that, then understand that once you are caught doing this, there is no ban appeal. Doesn't matter if you're a veteran or a rich person who has bought a lot of SP. If you still cannot understand, here's a simpler version:

    • It costs Suba Games money to run DOMO
    • Buying SP supports the game
    • Gold sellers take your money to buy SP themselves
    • Gold sellers quickly sell the SP to get the gold
    • Gold sellers then do a chargeback, which is refunding the money and Suba Games has to pay a fee for that
    • Suba Games literally loses money when a chargeback is preformed
    • Therefore, buying gold from gold sellers kill the game faster and you should be ashamed of yourself
    • No matter how many people play, if no one buys SP, then the game can't stay up

    Got it? Good.

    Due to another wave of bans from people buying gold, there has to be another reminder of this. This is a form of RMT, this can be perceived as a form of cheating, this is a violation of the ToS, this is straight up killing the game. Please stop. Either play the game like normal and earn your gold, or don't play the game at all. BUYING. GOLD. IS. ILLEGAL.
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