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Thread: Maximizing your Domo graphics!

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    Default Maximizing your Domo graphics!

    When the jaggies are too strong, FX injectors are here to the rescue.

    SweetFX allows you to apply post processing shader effects into games. You can add SMAA anti-aliasing, sharpening, gamma, color, vibrance, bloom, and more! It enables you to change your games to your liking. Domo, being a game without any AA- could definitely need some of this.

    Here's what the configurator looks like:

    It's pretty easy to use, everything is explained for you so there's not much to ponder while messing about with it.
    You can change the hotkeys to turn it on/off and refresh your settings, but be careful about going too wild because it can be pretty performance-heavy even in a little game like this.
    The only real issue I've encountered is some slight font smudging.
    I didn't mess around too much with domo's, I mostly added some much needed AA and a little bit of vibrance.

    This is a third party program, so use it at your own risk yadda yadda~
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    As I know, some graphic cards drivers also allow to get these kind of feature and can be parametrized to change a bit game graphics aspects.

    Nvidia and ATI have both such programs.

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    Very useful and I will be doing this to my game to even out those gross edges, thanks!
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    this is bootyful, thanks! appreciate it

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    Supa fast and massive improvements. Some text smudging, but otherwise this is pretty legit. Thanks for sharing!

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    i've been looking for something to get rid of those aliases. thanks!

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