Welcome to ThePurpleCubes, both Cubes and Cubettes

My Ingame name is "Shining_Armor" and Guild Leader, you may have seen me around, if not, hello

Our guild tries to focus on being as helpful as possible, to both guilds and none guild members alike, we do our best to insure both growth and make people feel welcoming to the game, if you enjoy working in a team, like to have a laugh and kick back, and relax, this guild might be for you!

There are many ways to join:

  • Levels 1-20 = you will need to pass an "Initiate test Type 1", these are questions ingame, which I will determine if you have what it takes to be a strong and committed member
  • Levels 21-36 = You will need to pass a short "initiate test Type 2" unlike Type 1, its more shorter, your levels insure your already capable that you are committed enough
  • Levels 37 and up = you most certainly get to be part of the guild

Upon joining the guild, you will be under a one week trial, being obnoxious or hurtful towards any members, will automatically be issued a Dismissal

Other Questions!
  • Q. I want to join your Guild, but i want my friend/soulmate to join too
  • A. They can also join, but unfortunately, anything happens to you, happens to them to, and vice versa

  • Q. I need to leave the guild for a while, can i come back later?
  • A. Sadly no, leaving it for any reason wont grant you back

  • Q. I'm not an active player, maybe once a week for an hour or so i can only spare
  • A. Have no fear, we're a laid back guild, if you have issues coming on, or can't be active as much, don't worry about it, if you need a break, go on holiday, or just, need to do something else, please PM me, so i know your reason for your disappearance

  • Q. I'm to low level for the guild, i'd be useless to join
  • A. Anyone can join regardless what level, we, the guild, will insure your growth, and help you level up respectfully, so don't worry about if your low level or not

Please PM me if you want to join, i'm almost, always ingame, Thank you