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    Default Endgame mech.

    Hi all!!

    I know there is some old mech build guide but i Think some of them are outdate or confused. I just made rank up T5 and dont know what to put my skillspoint on. So if any still Active high lvl mech wanna guide me it would be very nice. Cause some said ma/pa , pa/es and maximize/es so a lots of alt. but which one rly works now??


    ps im not a pvp player.
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    If you're not making a spark mech, I highly recommend RainStar's build. This is what I use and it works great.

    Since you're not 12x like RainStar, it's going to be tough to decide what the most important skills to add are until you can max everything. Also, I'd like to add that this is what's missing in most Skill Build Guides. Telling us what skill to get is great, but if you're not level 130, it's hard to know what skills to put points into as you level up to keep a balanced char since you can't just max every single skill you have.

    I would max Mech Weapon Mastery and Grand Smash no matter what. That's where all your damage is coming from. Tanking isn't that tough til you go to LoC (Lv95) and up any way. Plus, Rolling Smash's damage is linked with Grand Smash so If you want to be strong you will need max Grand Smash also. Next I would keep Physical Absorption and Metal Armor close to the same level. I think at level 80 you can have them both at Lv8/Lv8, and still have a few points to put into Extreme Shield. Luckily you can level quickly at 8x and will have these maxed in no time, then you can start leveling Extreme Shield.

    Also, you will need some points in completion if you want to help tank. The added Abs are just half the reason to get this skill. One of mech's most important jobs is to protect your PRS/squishy party members. For me this became apparent when I got into ET2 and CC events parties. I could always tank well but, you really need to have Completion to keep the casters in your party from having all their mana drained away. I think you can make Completion Level 6 before you get to Level 80. Since PE is a level 90 skill you should be able to get Rolling Smash to Level 4 before you can start putting points into PE. That's what I did and am satisfied with it. I will keep level 4 Rolling smash until I can max out PE at Level 108.

    hope this helps

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