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Thread: The Big To-Do List/Bugs/Ideas

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    Default The Big To-Do List/Bugs/Ideas

    Alright, I want this game to be up to par as quickly as possible so here is a master Bug post that will be updated on an on-going basis. Please submit screenshots and videos of bugs here. I will start. Don't reply with bugs that are already posted, only ones that I haven't listed here. After a bug is fixed I will cross it out here and eventually remove it from the post. I will also add some to-do things for myself and the developer that will improve the quality and fun of the game.

    1. The number of CW points you win is too low. FIXED, we lowered the Clan Shop Prices to match how many points you win.
    2. The UI is messed up.
    3. VIP Discounts don't work. FIXED!
    4. No once a day free Jackpot spin. DONE!
    5. Level 128-130 items have not been added to the game yet.
    6. System resets your game settings after every update.
    7. The Cube is missing its textures in-game. FIXED!
    8. Still no new modes for CW.
    9. The crafted money grenade is too OP. FIXED!
    10. The crafting list needs to be revamped and updated.
    11. Certain pet skills cannot be crafted, this is a bug. FIXED!
    12. IceStorm Unicorn intimacy levels need to be confirmed, it has double 21%.
    13. Lovebird needs some stats.
    14. The "hot" category in the item mall needs to have its items changed, along with the newbie area and Lover's Value. "hot" should be changed to "Sale".
    15. Knight Pet's honor value needs to be fixed.
    16. Honor values for modes need to be changed.
    17. Terminator Mode needs to come back.
    18. Snake/Inferno/Hero mode daily limits need to be increased if they are too low. DONE!
    19. The game font has to be changed back to what it used to be.
    20. Nvidia blocks MAT from running.
    21. No drop from AI mode Candy Labyrinth map
    22. The Mileage Shop is bugged.
    23. Bounty Mode is messed up.
    24. Dark Terminator suit is missing 2% speed. DONE!
    25. Bat Spray is broken.
    26. CW needs a 5 round option.
    27. Sonny Aqua items need a sell option on them.
    28. Thunderbird wings need better stats.
    39. Box dance, think about adding it to the shop. DONE!
    29. General protection fault bug.
    30. Ui resizing bug.
    31. Do dark colored suits look too visible in ghost mode?
    32. Lovers intimacy values, are they working properly?
    33. One extra lover's gift is given out at level 10 that shouldn't be there.
    34. Investigate Diamond Pay bonus.
    35. The happy lover's pack at lvl 6 isn't being sent out by the system. FIXED!
    36. Level 118 male headwear isn't there.
    37. Honor giving tasks at level 103 seem to be distributed unfairly.
    38. Inferno and other modes "god mode" bug.
    39. Alibaba map needs to be renamed to Marrakech
    40. Theme music needs to be added to the Marrakech solo map.
    41. Dual kriss animation is broken in game rooms.
    42. 500k silver limit needs to be removed so 5x events can work.
    43. Add tutorial splash screen: lover's mode limits, how do conversion gifts work, no item exchanges, mention free weapons in AI modes.
    44. Inferno drop rates need to be checked.
    45. m82 not usable in snake, inferno and lover's mode.
    46. Inferno rankings are not showing you your own rank.
    47. Pipe nade and Vx are still too OP.
    48. Goddess blessing egg - remove the cold blow m82.
    49. Racing egg still needs to be fixed.
    50. Cop pistol missing textures.
    51. Lover's mode does not give out any gloves.
    52. The Atlas has weapon registration issues. It shows you had weapons you never did and vice versa.
    53. Inferno mode silver exchange tokens give only 8888 silver instead of 50 000.
    54. Purchase background clashes with the text.
    55. "Invincible" text when you spawn overlaps with the graphics.
    56. Birthday gifts are messed up. FIXED!
    57. GM speaker is messed up.
    58. Clan score text is too small.
    59. Mummy Blocking is an issue.
    60. Dual Sport mp5, Chroma Shotguns, Dual P90, Twilight PP2000, cherry shotguns and the snowstorm kriss have a graphics issue when carried with male suits. FIXED!
    61. Python, Midas M82's and the Yeti pet are missing from the Atlas.
    62. Add "weebly" to chat filter.
    63. The font needs changing.
    64. Add pet related tags.
    65. Price changes for 7 day 2k items(backpacks, grenades, dance cards)
    66. Certain names cannot be created, ex: IPrincessMary, Smurf.
    67. Add the steampunk suits back into the shop.
    68. Mi6 Operative female suit is not in the shop. DONE!
    69. Silver anti-flash goggles can't be worn.
    70. Finish changing all 3 piece outfits into silver.
    71. Add blueprints to the shop, make sure they craft decent items.
    72. Forever love pack not going out at lvl 10. FIXED!
    73. Solitude spray reads as "solitube".
    74. True Love items read as "ture love".
    75. Change the panda translator to a silver item.
    76. Swat force "payment amount" is incorrect.
    77. Lion nade is bugged.
    78. The jet wings make a pig noise when you fly.
    79. CW needs more weapon limit options.
    80. Add more revive drops to inferno II.
    81. Add raptor blade and dahlia's weapons to perm sale.
    82. Reduce cost of Sewing and MIG machines, increase item duration, add rare drops.
    83. Increase Ghost, Bomb, Hide and Seek, Vehicle, and Occupy mode honor.
    84. Orbit Flight wings should be called Orbital Flight.
    85. Lvl 14-16 gives a message about some extra gifts, this message should not be there.
    86. Raptor Assault missing flames.
    87. Collectible segments expire after 60 days.
    88. Some of the secondary weapon slots aren't visible in the Inventory page (when they exceed 2 pages).
    89. Add special kill counter for Dragons Breath.

    GM Tranzor
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    Default inferno silver bug

    The inferno silver token drops turns into inferno passes n then the amount of silver collected from them is 8888 compared to the original inferno silver exchange token 50k. I already sent a ticket with the vid 4 months ago.

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    Actually thats ok thats same with inferno in chinese version u only get 50k in pack when u pass 14/18 rounds and 9k silver drops random from enemy same as fragments for pet

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    So, what exactly is the issue that HellsGearO presented?

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    he means about the "inferno key" its a 8888 silver cupon, its that not a problem bro

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    This one please ?

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    Ok, how does the god-mode in Occupy bug work?

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    U forgot the golden suit speed bugged and the oufit part too...
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    Which outfit part? You need to be clear with your reports.

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    The main bug you missed out I just remembered,
    When you're in-game and you got out in windowed mode the screen goes black or the MAT doesn't respond.Please fix that issue as if your trying to record as proof or maybe wanna switch to some music it ain't possible.(Note:This only happens when you're in game,it doesn't happen when your in lobby and go minimized mode).Thanks for your time GM.

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