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Thread: Knight 9x or 10x which combination skill is the best choice?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Man1997 View Post
    As a knight myself,I Would reccomand you to go with Holy valor+drastic spirit+godly shield + Holy benedict. I can explain it like this:
    1. Godly shield is way better than god bless,nothing to think about. got bless lvl 10 adds you +45 min and max, which arent that great compared to the deffence of godly shield, it reduces the damage you take by 20%, and I have tested it and on lvl 10 it helps almost like VL, and you can think about how much exp you make not only about how fast you kill 1 mob, potions are also a time you waste, and repotting too, and those +45 min and max arent really noticeable.
    2. Drastic spirit adds 25% deffence and 16 abs on lvl 10. Since deffence doesnt work yet like it should be so lets take a look about the 16 abs. Holy body is only against undead monsters, And it will hurt you to get the hits from the rest, So in my opinion you shouldn't go for holy body,and go for drastic spirit.
    Drastic spirit gives Absorption %?

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    I just posted a similar message.. well ...

    Holy Valor, Holy body, and Drastic Spirit can all be used at the same time. Holy Valor can be casted anytime you want. Between Holy Body and Drastic Spirit, you have to cast Holy Body first. Once you cast Drastic Spirit, Holy Body icon disappears, but it works in the background. You just need to be careful of Holy Body timer runs out, because Drastic Spirit has longer timer duration. I usually re-cast Holy Body and Drastic Spirit when Drastic Spirit timer is at xx:45-50.

    I don't know what your lvl is, but I assume you are mid 9x since you want to solo hunt CC.

    Unlike the popular build, I would lvl Sword Mastery at last, because unlike the popular belief, it does not give as much Attack Power boost as people think especially with TT sword. With a perfect TT sword (aged +12), you will get about Min Total Attack Power +2 and Max Total Attack Power +3 with each SP after lvl1, which is crap. No, the additional attack powers do not get calculated in the same fashion as if you are aging the sword. When you age, that 1 extra attack power gets translated into about 5 Total Attack Power, but with Sword Mastery, that 2-3 additional attack power is the total attack power you get. Therefore, until you can use 102 or higher sword, I wouldn't put more than the initial 1SP on sword mastery unless you feel you have extra SP.

    Since you want to hunt CC, let's see which skills you should have.

    Tier 1 - Tier 3 skills
    At lvl96, you should be able to max four T1-T3 skills. If you can't, I would max Grand Cross, Holy Valor, and Holy Body first.

    Grand Cross lvl10
    Holy Valor lvl10
    Holy Body lvl10
    Drastic Spirit lvl10
    Sword Mastery (rest of SP)

    Tier 4 - Tier 5 Skills
    As someone said earlier, Godly Shield, no question. Since you are hunting CCs, Holy Benedic after.

    Godly Shield lvl10
    Holy Benedic lvl (rest of EP)

    You should be able to solo a single CC without too much trouble. I am fairly certain, you won't need VL if your gears are aged +10 and up.

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    Hi guys no Devine shield?

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    Get Divine Shield if you want more block% for pvp, but at lvl9x, having Divine Shield won't help you against CCs. Against CCs, your abs are too low to keep your HP bar stable with Divine Shield skill. It will just make it hard for you to figure out when to use HP pot. Beside, you will hardly get any HP regen with 2 hands sword. Also, the extra block % won't make you feel any different against CCs with 2 hands sword.

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    or u can use holy body lv 10 for cc

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    Yeah, against undeads, Holy Body works extremely well. I am lvl 108, and still using 80D-105 gears. 80D bracelet (+9), 105 gauntlet (+7) & boots (+8), 103 magic armor (mixed with +30% abs). But I have no problem hunting undeads in SL. I can tank Itechnician and Ibomber at the same time. I prefer not to, but I can. With other mobs, however, I would die in 2 hits.

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    108 wow go go 11x

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