The English language used in game isn't particularly 'up to scratch' as some would say, some of the things are completely being used in the wrong tense, or some words are missing, making vital information in the game not make sense to people reading it or trying to get into that certain aspect of the game. I think just a touch up of the grammar is vitally needed both In-Game and in the Lobby, if grammar skills are required I'd be more than happy to touch the grammar up a little and send you the correct version of what is already wrote.

My reason for this suggestion is because I have experienced myself firsthand how the grammar can be an offput from getting more into the game in certain ways, for example the dragon mode is sometimes referred to as Mummy 3, and vice versa, some of the features are a little sketchy, I love MAT and enjoy every minute playtime, but with the grammar being 100% correct, it will make the game so much more playable.

Thank you,